Me and this Seahawks Blog.


I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan. Life long Seahawks fan, in fact. Well, okay not entirely in fact, but ever since 1983, when I was a freshman in high school, and Chuck Knox took over as their head coach, and my dad said that was a big deal, and then the team officially became the Little Train That Could in the NFL that year, not only going to the playoffs for the first time in their young history, but also making it all the way to the AFC Championship game against the dreaded Los Angeles Raiders, and then losing rather painfully and embarrassingly. Sorry for that run on sentence. Horrendous way to start a blog.

Anyhow, every year since then, I dreamed would be the year that they would take the Lombardi Trophy home. It only took about thirty years and a highly abused liver for that to actually happen, for the team to become the Little Train That Did, but it was well worth the wait.

Man, what a game, though. Right? Did anyone see that coming? I didn’t see that coming. Maybe Peyton did a little when he was looking at game tape of Seattle’s defense, but the national talking heads didn’t see that coming. Man, I almost felt bad for Broncos fans for that painful beat down, but then I remembered well that the Denver Broncos used to be bitter division rivals of my Seattle Seahawks, and well, screw those fans. It was a glorious game.

Nowadays I generally bask in that Super Bowl victory pretty much on a daily basis. It helps me get through the hardships in life. I bask in it in the morning when I sip my first cup of Joe. I bask in my afternoon commute home when I’m stuck in traffic and listening to Seattle sports radio. I bask in it when I kiss my family goodnight, and when I scoop out the cats’ litter box before brushing my teeth and going to bed myself. I bask as I shut my eyes, and dream of Cortez Kennedys. I’m basking as I’m typing this. I just know that this year, in 2019, the Seattle Seahawks are going to win it all again. They got the QB, and a great run game, and some nice pieces on the defense. They just need a little bit more, that’s all.

I bask so much so about my Seattle Seahawks, just so very much so, that after years of typing long winded pregame and post game posts on the Facebook for any friends and family members who hadn’t blocked or un-followed me yet, I decided I would create this here blog, so that I can bask online to you all. Sorry for that run on sentence again, but I hope you find it enjoyable.

So, I figure I should type a little bit about myself, if you don’t mind. I played a little high school football at Ferndale High School in the Northwest corner of Washington State in the 1980’s, but I wasn’t very good at it. Frankly, I was terrible. I was a tall gangly kid who the coaches thought maybe might make a good defensive end because of my broad shoulders and wingspan, but I had a pension for not wanting to lift weights much less take on blockers, and containment never really seemed all that important to me. I just enjoyed rushing right at the quarterback every single time, even if it was a hand off. Also, to be fair, I had a life outside of football that I was well aware of. The latest AC/DC album, the perfect hair gel, and where the next beer kegger seemed vastly more important at the time than practice in the freezing rains of November.

The coaches didn’t really like me much, and I suspect I wasn’t well thought of by a lot of teammates, as well. I suppose I wasn’t “all in.” What they didn’t know is that under the Friday night lights in Whatcom County, I was “all in” damn it. I just wasn’t getting into the games (so frustrating. I had swim moves). I suspect it had something to do with  practice habits. So, screw it. I had enough of that, quit my junior year, and focused more on my hair.. which was amazing.

My high school quarterback was a much better player. Way better player, in fact. He’s presently the Head Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, I’m name-dropping on this blog. I know Doug Pederson. He even worked on my family’s farm for a spell, if you can believe that, and just so we are absolutely clear on this; I fully consider my somewhat ties to Doug Pederson from thirty some odd years ago street cred enough to make me a bit of a football expert. So, you can haggle with me all you want on the finer points, I know Doug Pederson, damn-it, and you’re going to have to deal with that.

So what else can I say about myself? I’ve been an actor in Seattle for many years, and I’ve written a bit for the stage and screen. I have some IMDB credits, and a cool demo. It’s nothing amazing, or anything.

I’ve been known in the Seattle Theatre circles as that guy that really loves the Seattle Seahawks, and football, and it may well be what I’m known best for in those circles. Artist types, either diehards or fair weather fans, would approach me after during intermissions so that I could impart my football wisdom to such things as why Seattle would pass the ball on the one yard line. My answers would surely be construed as nothing short of pure unadulterated Football Zen. I would simply say something like, “Because running the ball would have been way too obvious.”


So, I think that this is what this blog is going to be about. I’m going to offer to you my Zen. I’m not going to get wrapped up into metric analytics. I wasn’t a math, or economics major. I majored in Drama. So, I’m going to offer you my gut intuition. What does Pete Carroll want? What is the motivation of Russell Wilson? What is John Schneider’s through-line? What are their obstacles? These are the fundamental questions an actor asks about his character and this is I will ask about this team.

Yes, so there you have it. I will essentially act out my greatest role throughout the course of the blog. I will become the Seattle Seahawks, and from me doing that, I think we will gain some practical insight, or, at the very least, it will be a fun exercise, and we have lots to unravel. I suspect we are entering into a dynamic time in the team’s existence.

We have a star quarterback that likely wants to be the highest paid player in the league entering the last year of his contract. We have the best middle linebacker on the planet entering his last year, as well. We have a dynamic young pass rusher who won’t enter training camp without a new deal, and we have a defensive tackle wwho has blossomed into a legit pass rusher entering the last year of his rookie deal. Folks, the Seahawks got stuff to do, and guess what? They only have for picks in this April’s draft to fill out other needs.

This is a great time to start a blog. I hope you hang around. Comments are welcome, just don’t be a d**k head.

Go Hawks.



4 thoughts on “Me and this Seahawks Blog.

  1. Curtis, so enjoyed reading this. Since I know your family well, from your loving well respected Mom n Dad to your loving sisters n brothers. Yeah Ferndale and Seattle Seahawks… keep blogging.
    Our families were raised up farming from many many moons ago.
    God Bless you.


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