Our First Official Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft!


LJ Collier could be the answer to both stopping the run and rushing the QB. (Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty)

Well folks, we are officially two weeks away to the 2019 NFL Draft, and we all know well what that means; it’s Mock Draft Season.


Yup. That’s right. I’m excited. So much so that we are going to be conducting a few mock drafts focusing on perceived needs of the Seattle Seahawks. This is going to be fun, as this is our first official attempt at a Seattle Seahawks mock draft published on line.. for anyone who so chooses to see can see. Wish me well.

First off, let me get out of the way that I’m not, in any way, a draft expert, nor do I pretend to be. However, I will say that I’ve been devotedly following the NFL draft process for decades, and if anything, I consider myself a genuine aficionado of the whole thing. The NFL draft is my Second Christmas. It’s fun. I think it’s fun.

It’s fun.

So, what do we know about these 2019 Seahawks right now?

Well, for one thing, and it’s the biggest thing, we know that their star quarterback, Russell Wilson, has given them a hard deadline of April 15th to work out a long term deal with him, or he is cutting off contract extension talks for the rest of 2019. In just a couple of days, if a deal has not been worked out between the QB and the team, I suspect that the quarterback position might suddenly become a much bigger need for the team than many fans have been anticipating.

Another fairly big situation with the team is that it’s star pass rusher, Frank Clark, is sitting on a franchise tag, and has given the team a June deadline to reach a lucrative long term deal with him, or he won’t report for training camp. So, the team is also in a tough spot there, and there have been some reports that the team might be willing to actually deal Clark pre-draft, if the right deal is presented to them (I don’t buy it).

And then yet another situation that has recently come up for our beloved Seahawks in that there could be legitimate health concerns with Doug Baldwin, and that he might be contemplating retirement. So, wide receiver could presumably be a big need for the team, as well.

It is also worth noting that this 2019 NFL Draft is considered to be historically deep at defensive line, and a deep draft in general for wide receivers, tight ends, safeties, and offensive guards. It’s not considered an especially deep draft for quarterbacks.

Oh, yeah, one final thing. The Seahawks only have four picks in the draft this year. General Manager John Schneider loves to trade down to get more picks regardless of how many they have in any year. So, with only four this year, the Seattle Seahawks are, like, 99.999999 percent sure to be trading down to get more, even if your favorite player is sitting there at 21 by the time they are on the clock.

So, with all that hashed out, here we go. Folks, allow me to introduce to you our very first official 2019 Seattle Seahawks mock draft.

With the 21st pick in the 2019 NFL Draft – TRADE!

The Seattle Seahawks trade pick 21 to the Kansas City Chiefs for picks 29, 92, and 167. The Chiefs jump ahead of the Ravens to select a wide receiver, both have needs there, and Seattle picks up a third and fifth round pick, and now has six picks to fill needs.

With the 29th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft –TRADE!

The Seattle Seahawks trade pick 29 to the New York Giants who want to get ahead of the safety needy Green Bay Packers to grab one to replace Landon Collins, and they send picks 37, 108, and 143.

With the 37th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks draft LJ Collier, Defensive Lineman, TCU.

What does Collier offer?

Pass rush, run stopping, and hustle. Check out his highlight tape. At 6-2 283, Collier has the size, strength and explosion to play strong side end, and reduce inside to a pass rushing DT role. His TCU tape looks terrific with him beating blockers with speed converted to power, and an array of moves that confuse the big fellas. He also shows strength to maintain a strong edge versus the run, which was lacking in the Seattle defense last year.

Why is he still available at 37?

For one, this is a deep defensive line draft, and another is that he ran a somewhat disappointing forty yard dash and short shuttle. Defensively, 4-3 teams typically want to see more athleticism at end, but if you consider that Carroll’s variation of a 4-3 employs personnel that are more common on 3-4 teams, his fit starts to make more sense, especially if he can play inside to pass rushing DT on passing downs.

With the 90th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Wide Receiver, Stanford.

What does Arcega-Whiteside offer?

He is a big bodied touchdown scoring monster. If Doug Baldwin suddenly retires, that’s some serious red-zone production leaving the team. Arcega-Whiteside could be the big receiver weapon that the team was hoping for in Jimmy Graham.

Why is he still available at 90?

He’s not considered a speed burner, and there are a lot receivers in this class thought to be better equipped to take the top off of defenses. He’s more of a big possession type.

With the 92nd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks Select Renell Wren, Defensive tackle, Arizona State

What does Wren offer?

Rare athleticism for a massive human being at 6-5 318 lbs. He is strong, explosive and fast. Once he’s honed his craft, put him next to Jarran Reed inside, with Collier at strong side end, and that is suddenly a big and powerful looking defensive front.

Why is he still available at 92?

His college tape is a mixed bag that showed some flash, but also a lot of undisciplined play, and inconsistent technique. Round three could be the sweet spot for him. He’s a project with upside.

With the 108th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Marquise Blair, Safety, Utah.

What does Blair offer?

Speed to play single high safety, which is what Seattle lacked last year. He also loves to hit. That could be why he has been referred to as a Seattle type of safety. He’s also a dedicated tackler and run supporter; things that would appeal to Pete Carroll.

Why is he still available at 108?

He doesn’t have the biggest frame, which might concern considering his physical style of play. He can also play a little too on edge, and that can lead to penalties.

With the 124th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Foster Moreau, Tight End, LSU

What does Moreau offer?

He is a big athletic tight end who is a dedicated run blocker, and loves to punish. He also possesses good speed, has capable hands, and run after the catch ability.

Why does he last until 124?

He’s not nuanced as a pass catcher, and needs to be developed.

At pick 143 of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Justin Hollins, Edge rusher, Oregon.

Why does Hollins offer?

Unique length, speed, and athleticism on the edge that can either be deployed as a strong side linebacker or a rush end.

Why is he at 143?

In a deep defensive line class, there are other edge defenders that have shown more production, and more general bad-assed-ness than Hollins. He’s a player that relies more on speed than strength, and there are other players that have both.

With the 159th pick in the Seattle Seahawks select BJ Autry, Guard, Jacksonville State.

What does Autry offer?

Massive size at guard at 6-3 337lbs, which is what Seattle seems to prefer now under offensive line coach Mike Solari. He fits their power scheme.

Why is he still at 159?

Autry played at a small school and didn’t face top competition in college. There are other guards from bigger programs that will go probably go much higher than him.

With the 167th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Drew Lewis, Linebacker, Colorado.

What does Lewis offer?

Speed and athleticism at linebacker that the Seahawks covet. He also has the ability to play inside and outside linebacker, and a great special teams player. It was also observed during his pro day that the Seattle coaches were working him hard.

Why is he at 167th?

His fundamentals still need work, and he is not exactly a punishing tackler. He could stand to get stronger. He’s a project with upside more than plug and play.

Thought about these picks.

What’s the biggest thing that first stands out? No QB drafted! Yup. With this scenario, the Seattle Seahawks have reached a deal with Russell Wilson, and we can all let out a huge sigh of relief. They draft for needs and work the strength of the draft, which is defensive line.

I think this draft probably represents the most likely scenario that Seattle goes into this draft actually doing, and that is trading back multiple times. It’s highly unlikely they will trade Russell Wilson for two first round picks, and I doubt that they trade away their best pass rusher just to have to replace him with a rookie.

Personally, if they ended up with Collier, I would be pretty darned stoked about that one. I think that dude could be really special for years to come, and if they land Wren, and get him to play with disciple, Seattle’s defense could be set for years.

Every year, you should either draft an offensive or defensive lineman first. That’s what my dear old dad always used to say, anyways, and this draft is loaded with defensive linemen. Get multiple, I say. Why not?

Go Hawks.


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