2019 Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft #2. Could Seattle go Offensive in a Defensively Deep Draft?


Parris Campbell could give Russell Wilson a playmaking option that the team hasn’t seen since Percy Harvin.


Well folks, we are officially one week away to the 2019 NFL Draft, and we all know well what that means. We got a new mock draft!


So what do we know about these 2019 Seahawks right now?

Well, for one thing, and it’s the biggest and best-est thing, we know that Russell Wilson has just signed a blockbuster extension that will keep him in Seattle for the next five seasons. So, I think we can say that drafting a QB seems pretty unlikely now.

Another fairly big situation with the team is that it’s star pass rusher, Frank Clark, is sitting on a franchise tag, and has given the team a June deadline to reach a lucrative long term deal with him, or he won’t report for training camp. There are reports out there suggesting that he might be on the trade block. We shall see if the team deals him in a effort to get cheaper there.

And the other potentially big situation for our beloved Seahawks is the health concerns with Doug Baldwin, and his potential retirement. Wide receiver could be a big need for the team.

It is also worth noting that this 2019 NFL Draft is considered to be historically deep at defensive line, and a deep draft in general for wide receivers, tight ends, safeties, and offensive guards.

Oh, yeah, one final thing. The Seahawks only have four picks in the draft this year. General Manager John Schneider loves to trade down to get more picks regardless of how many they have in any year. So, with only four this year, the Seattle Seahawks are, like, 99.999999 percent sure to be trading down to get more.

So, with all that hashed out, here we go. Folks, allow me to introduce to you our second 2019 Seattle Seahawks mock draft.

With the 21st pick in the 2019 NFL Draft – TRADE!

The Seattle Seahawks trade pick 21 to the Kansas City Chiefs for picks 29, 92, and 167. The Chiefs jump ahead of the Ravens to select a edge rusher.

With the 29th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft –TRADE!

The Seattle Seahawks trade pick 29 to the Buffalo Bills who want to get ahead of the Green Bay Packers to also grab an edge rusher, and they send picks 40, 112, and 131, and 181.

With the 40th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks draft Parris Campbell, Wide Receiver, Ohio State.

What does Campbell offer?

He’s a playmaking offensive weapon that can be used in a smorgasbord of ways. I’m a defensive minded Twelve, one hundred percent, but Campbell’s highlight tape makes me feel warm and mushy inside. He is a bigger version of Percy Harvin without the baggage. As a running back converted to receiver, he can line up in the slot, be in the backfield, used as an explosive threat on end arounds, and has the speed to get deep, but the real treat is his spectacular run after the catch ability. If Seattle is looking to replace Doug Baldwin’s production in the slot, Campbell is a fascinating option.

Why is he still available at 37?

As a running back converted to receiver, he’s not the full package yet, and ran a limited route tree in college. If you are taking him high, you are drafting for his upside.

With the 84th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Jace Sternberger, Tight End, Texas A&M

What does Sternberger offer?

He is a legit pass catching tight end that showed good production at A&M. Watch his highlights and tell me if Number 3 wouldn’t enjoy having him as a pass catching option. Seattle has tight ends that can block, but they don’t have much of a receiving threat at the position.

Why is he still available at 90?

He’s not considered much of a blocker at the position, and needs to get stronger.

With the 92nd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks Select Joe Jackson, Defensive End, Miami

What does Jackson offer?

He is long lean quarterback harassing machine. Well built at 6-4 and 275 lbs, he can play the strong side end, and his highlights give a Michael Bennett vibe. On top of showing good pass rush, he appears to be a sturdy player against the run, as well.

Why is he still available at 92?

In a draft that is deep at defensive line, Jackson is not the twitchiest athlete. He’s more of a power rusher than speed guy. He’s more brute, but I like brute. Jarran Reed is a brute.

With the 112th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Marvell Tell, Safety, USC.

What does Tell offer?

Length, and athleticism at safety. He’s a good coverage safety who is versatile enough to play the slot, and has traits that could make him a playmaker on the ball.

Why is he still available at 108?

He doesn’t have the biggest frame, and he is not regarded as much of an intimidating tackler.

With the 124th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Dru Samia, Guard, Oklahoma

What does Samia offer?

He is a big, strong, athletic, an aggressive run blocking guard with potential to grow as a pass blocker.

Why does he last until 124?

Well, he’s not a nuanced pass blocker.

At pick 131 of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Armon Watts, Defensive Tackle, Arkansas

Why does Watts offer?

Length and strength that Seattle seems to appreciate at DT, with some pass rushing potential.

Why is he at 143?

He didn’t grow into a starting role until his senior season, and is a bit raw.

With the 159th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Bryce Love, Running Back, Stanford

What does Love offer?

He was a big time playmaker in college with explosive home run hitting ability as a runner. With Mike Davis moving on, and CJ Prosise often injured, Seattle might want to add another runner, and this guy was big time in college.

Why is he at 159?

He’s a small framed runner who had injuries all throughout his senior season. He’s probably not going to be regarded as a workhorse back in the pros, but a change of pace back. Those guys tend not to get drafted early.

With the 167th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Greg Gaines, Defensive Tackle, Washington

What does Gaines offer?

He’s a squat high motored nose guard that can disrupt the run game and offer pass rush. The team is thin at defensive tackle and this is a deep defensive tackle class. It makes sense for them to draft a couple of them.

Why is he still at 167th?

Gaines lacks ideal arm length and needs to win with quicks to beat his blockers. A good rotational player might be his ceiling.

With the 181st pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Drew Lewis, Linebacker, Colorado.

What does Lewis offer?

Speed and athleticism at linebacker that the Seahawks covet. He also has the ability to play inside and outside linebacker, and a great special teams player. It was also observed during his pro day that the Seattle coaches were working him hard.

Why is he at 181?

His fundamentals still need work, and he is not exactly a punishing tackler. He could stand to get stronger. He’s a project with upside more than plug and play.

Thought about these picks.

Seattle uses the great depth of this class to address the defensive line three times later, and takes a playmaking receiver early. There aren’t thought to be a lot of top end receiver prospects in this draft. So, given the Baldwin situation, if Seattle is looking for a replacement, they’d probably have to select one early, and Campbell seems like a player that could be special and unique. Carroll loves to grab these guys early.

The selections of Campbell, Jace Sternberger, Bryce Love, and Dru Samia fulfill the “Build Around Me Damn-it” clause in Russell Wilson’s new mega contract. Go Hawks.

Joe Jackson has starter potential at end, and if Seattle doesn’t trade Frank Clark, they need someone to come in and own the spot opposite of him. Jackson, last year’s third round pick Rasheem Green, and third round pick from the year before that Nazair Jones could all be in an interesting battle of third round picks fighting for that spot.

Colin Cowherd can bite me.

Go Hawks.


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