Thoughts about Seattle’s exciting Day Three Selections of the 2019 NFL Draft

The University of Washington football team plays Washington State University in the 2018 Apple Cup

Seattle drafts a Husky legend, and a potential fan favorite. (Photography By: Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

Kam Chancellor, KJ Wright, Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Michael Dickson, Tre’ Flowers, Chris Carson, JR Sweezy,  and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith.

What do these guys all have in common? All solid to pro bowl level starters that Seattle has drafted on Day Three of the Draft under Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

There is some interesting stuff to get through today. So, let’s dig into it.

With the news that Doug Baldwin might be calling it a career, Seattle has found itself probably more than a bit desperate at receiver. Yesterday’s pick of DK Metcalf shouldn’t have shocked everyone. Seattle swung for the fences drafting immense upside (literally, at 6-3 and 228 lbs), but they needed more. Metcalf is a very different receiver from other Seattle receivers in the Russell Wilson era. He’s a pure deep ball artist with freakish size and speed. They needed a possession route runner to potentially replace Baldwin.

Enter Gary Jennings of West Virginia early in Round Four. This feels like is a classic Seattle receiver, and we mocked him in the third round to Seattle in our final mock draft posted earlier in the week. He has size at 6-1 214 lbs, and elite speed, and agility. His style might be more Jermaine Kearse than Doug Baldwin, but that’s okay. Kearse had a great chemistry with Wilson, a skillset that matched the QB when plays broke down, and an uncanny ability to grab contested passes along with some tough running after the catch. Looking at Jennings’ highlights, he checks a lot of these boxes.

Interestingly enough, Jennings has his own history with Wilson. He went to grade school with Wilson’s sister in Virginia, and was actually coached by RW himself when he was in youth basketball. This might have been an RW influenced pick, and don’t be surprised if Jennings has a more immediate impact in this offense than Metcalf in year one. Love the potential of this pick.

Phil Haynes is a massive human being at offensive guard with upper level athleticism. He’s a fit for what Seattle now wants at guard and could easily end up a start over the next year or two. This is the other early fourth round pick to continue building around RW.

The next two picks I think represent Seattle’s attempt to answer the Los Angeles Rams more than anything else. Seattle drafted hard hitting Oregon DB and 2018 Lombardi Award Winner Ugo Amadi, and then coverage linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven from Washington. Both players work great in coverage and both are solid open field tacklers. Seattle’s defense was hit and miss last year, and when it was miss, it was usually in missed tackles, and during the two games against the Rams, it was a lot of missed tackles. With safety Marquise Blair and linebacker Cody Barton drafted Friday, and Amadi and BBK today, Seattle is obviously addressing coverage, tackling, and special teams. All these picks probably represent getting back to their DNA, and a signal that they are gearing up for the Rams.

Amadi is a lot of fun to watch, feels like a potentially solid pick to replace nickel corner Justin Coleman, but personally, I think the Seahawks might have gotten the steel of the day in BBK. That dude is a flat out baller. Check him out here. I’m calling it now. I think he could end up being an iconic Seahawk pick, and I’m willing to bet a distant relative’s pinky finger that he will be an immediate fan favorite.

At the end of the sixth round, Seattle took a fast “run to daylight” running back in Miami’s Travis Homer. With Mike Davis leaving in free agency, and CJ Prosise always injured, this pick makes a ton of sense, and on the’s draft prospect page one anonymous NFC scout had this to say, “he’s a very loyal player.. his competitive nature stands out.. I think someone has a chance to get a steal with him.” Interesting.

Also at the end of round sixth, Seattle finally took another defensive lineman, taking Florida State DT Demarcus Christmas. Christmas was not an overly productive player at Florida State, but he was a former four star recruit. At 6-3 and 294lbs, he has a build that suggests a potential early down 3 technique, but truthfully, this is probably a late round flyer on a player they think might have some untapped potential.

Finally, not to be finished for the day, Seattle traded back into the draft in round seven and took another receiver in Hawaii’s John Ursua. I will be honest, I don’t know squat about this guy. Apparently, he’s 5-9 and 178lb slot receiver, but Mel Kiper on the tel-y says he can play in this league. Clearly, Seattle thought enough about him to make sure they got back into the draft to take him. If Baldwin is done, they will need help in the slot. Interesting stuff indeed.

Final Thoughts. 

Seattle will be spending the next 24 hours filling out their roster with underrated rookie free agents. Speaking of Baldwin and also Kearse, each one of these guys went famously un-drafted and became quality starters. Last year they stole defensive tackle Poona Ford out of that pool, and he’s already being thought of as the next great un-drafted Seattle starter. Pete Carroll loves giving un-drafted players the opportunity to compete.

With Frank Clark trades, that opens up some salary cap for Seattle to also be potentially doing a little veteran free agent spending over the next few weeks. My hunch is that they will go the veteran route to adding more pass rush, and I would be shocked if they bring back Jermaine Kearse.

It’s going to continue being an interesting offseason well after this draft. They ain’t done yet. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Go Hawks.





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