Twenty Reasons Why the 2019 Seattle Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs: Number 17; Tre Flowers

The 2019 Seattle Seahawks will make the playoffs. Not only will they make the play offs, I suspect that they will host a playoff game, and make a run. I can feel it in my fingers, and feel it in my toes. It’s all around me. It’s everywhere I go. I am giving you twenty player related reasons why. This is player related reason Number 17.

Cornerback Tre Flowers.


Why will Flowers make an impact?

He played right corner pretty well as a rookie, especially considering that he converted to the position from the free safety he was in college. At 6-3 and 203 lbs with a ridiculously long wingspan, Flowers is built like a long line of Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawk corners over the years. What’s better is that he plays like some of them; tough against the run, and decent in coverage. In fact, Pro Football Focus had him graded out better than his more touted and experienced mate, Shaquill Griffin in 2018. As the season went on, teams targeted him less and Griffin a bit more.

What I like best about this guy is that he is still growing into the position, and the style that Seattle famously likes their corners to play. It feels like his ceiling could be fairly high. The only thing lacking in his game last year was interceptions, but again, as the season went through, he was targeted less. In a few games towards the end of the season, he made some timely pass defenses with his athleticism, and with that, you could sense that this guy was getting it.

I think Seattle senses it too because they ended up with eleven picks in this last draft class, and they didn’t use a single one on a cornerback. With Griffin and Flowers, Seattle might be much happier about their cornerbacks than you are.

We shall see, but one thing I know, I wouldn’t bet against Flowers. His physicality fits their prototype, and he seems to have a really good head on his shoulders. He’s humble, and he’s a hard-worker. Hearing him in interviews is a delight because you sense that the guy just gets it, and he’s not going to take anything for granted. He’s in a great position to be Seattle’s next highly talked about corner, and with that brings a big time second contract. I’m sure he knows that. That’s why I think the safe bet is for him to take major steps forward this season.

In fact, I think he could be in for a breakout year, and that could be just enough to put Seattle back on top of the division again after a two year drought. Gonna be fun to watch, and find out.

Go Hawks.


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