Twenty Reasons Why the 2019 Seattle Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs: Reason 9; DJ Fluker

The 2019 Seattle Seahawks will be a playoff team. Oh, yes. They will be. You know how I know? Attitude, and and a relentless drive to be dominant. Great teams have guys that comprise of those special traits. When the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII, it was Marshawn Lynch that had that defined that kind of special, and on this 2019 roster, I see someone else who’s got some of that, and he is my ninth reason why these Seahawks are playoff bound.

Offensive guard DJ Fluker.


Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images


Why do I compare Fluker to Marshawn?

Because he wants to own people. He wants to physically own them, and these aren’t little wee defensive backs that he wants to own. Oh, no. This 6-5 330 pound monster wants to own and wreck other 300 plus pound men in front of him just like he owned Ndamukong Suh twice last year in the run game when Seattle played Los Angeles. This is what Fluker lives for. Total domination.

The dude also loves football and plays with a level of love and badassedness for the game that is infectious for teammates. Much like Marshawn, this guy goes about things in a style that makes you want to play harder. He’s tough, determined, and just this far enough on the right side of whacky. In my humble opinion, bringing DJ Fluker back to the team this last offseason might have been the best move for the team, and that is taking nothing away from drafting LJ Collier and DK Metcalf. Getting 330 pounds of DJ back is big time. Trust me.

Look, y’all. The Seahawks don’t just want to return to the playoffs again. That’s become the standard here in Seattle under Carroll. This team wants to get the division back from the Rams, and they want to get back to that Super Bowl thing. The best way to get there is to build a team around Russell Wilson that has that same attitude as they had in 2013. DJ Fluker has been in the league for a while, and after a while, those knees and joints on that MASSIVE body of his aren’t likely destined to hold up long term. So, this is just me, but I am guessing that big bad DJ wants a ring badly before it’s all done for him. That’s just my best educated hunch. So, I’m going to say the DJ is going to do what DJ has to do to get one of those things, and that is to hammer away and wear defenders down to the best of his MASSIVE abilities.  He’s going to continue owning other grown men.

For a team that loves to run the ball, having DJ Fluker on your offensive line is a huge advantage. Will he hold up for 16 games? Quite possibly not, as recent history has shown, but last year Seattle was able to get by without him for a few, and if you have him run blocking for twelve out of sixteen games, I would absolutely take that. I’m pretty sure Pete Carroll would too.

Can’t wait for Seattle to continue their trend of pounding the ball with this enforcer blocking. Can not wait. Let other teams chuck it all over. I wanna see Seattle run.

Go Hawks.


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