Twenty Reasons Why the 2019 Seattle Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs: Reason 7; Chris Carson

The 2019 Seattle Seahawks are a playoff team. They might even be a team of destiny. You know how I know? Because this is a team comprised of tough mega-talented men. Men that matched with other men make those men seem considerably less manly. A few of these guys, I would almost consider supermen. Oh, yes. Super-humans in football pads, and this guy is one of them.

Running back Chris Carson.


Why is Carson a superhuman?

Have you seen this guy leap over tackling defenders? Have you seen him pull three defenders with him to power his way into the end zone? If not, you didn’t watch very many Seahawk games in 2018 because that was the kind of show this dude put on, and I highly advise you to simply watch this one highlight of his game against Carolina. He did a feat in that match that would make Captain America blush. Check it out.

Chris Carson is a star in the making. That is not hyperbole. He has every tool you need to be the very best back in the league. He has power, explosion, speed, agility, determination, and he catches and pass blocks well on top of being a dynamic runner. He is an every down back. This is just me, but I think he can be better than Marshawn Lynch, and you can tell Pete Carroll just loves the guy. Nobody on this team is in better shape the Carson. Those aren’t my words. Those are the words of the coach himself.

His only problem is the nagging injuries that he tends to pick up every season going all the way back to his college days. That bit of kryptonite is likely the main reason Seattle felt the need to draft Rashaad Penny when they did in 2018. Can Carson hold up for a full 16 game schedule? That is a very fair question to ask. He didn’t last year when he had his breakout season rushing for 1,151 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Fortunately in Seattle he won’t be asked to be the bell cow that Lynch was. Penny is going to get his increased reps, he’s too good not to, and don’t get underestimate just how good Penny can be in this league. However, expect Carson to continue being the guy that starts and likely still sees more touches. He’s too good to not continue going with him, and Penny would have to have an absolutely INSANE preseason to unseat him.

Could it happen? Sure it could, but again, I don’t think it matters which back starts. Either way, they will be the one-two punch, and that is probably what Carroll most wants. Carroll has always favored having a running back committee, and it goes all the way back to his USC days. He’s tried to establish it in Seattle by having Lynch and drafting Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, but it never really materialized. I think it can and should this year.

I’m excited for that. I think Seattle could easily have the best running situation in the league this year. I can’t wait to watch it. My only hope is that Seattle doesn’t get cocky and decides to trade one of these guys for a player at a different position. For a team that loves to run, you can’t have enough good backs, and you got both of these highly talented runners on cheap rookie deals. Keep both of them. Period.

Go Hawks.


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