Thoughts about the Seattle Seahawks Trade for Jadeveon Clowney


(Getty Images)

This is straight up highway robbery for Seattle. Seattle traded a player who was probably going to get cut (Barkevious Mingo), a player who is still very much a developing project (Jacob Martin), and a third round pick for a 26 year old pro bowl defensive end. Highway robbery.  Twelves, time to get ravenous about this season.

Even if Seattle does not extend Clowney long term, they likely recoup there third round pick in 2020 for a compensatory third round pick in 2021 should Cloweny sign a long term contract with another team next Spring. I think it is likely Seattle will try to sign him long term, but we shall see. Either way, there is no losing scenario for Seattle in this trade. Highway robbery.

What does Jadeveon Clowney bring?

He might not be as developed of a pass rusher as Frank Clark, but he is widely considered a much better run defender, and he will bring his share of pressures and sacks. At some point this season, Seattle will have a front line of Clowney, Poona Ford, Jarran Reed, and Ezekiel Ansah. Fans league wide probably aren’t aware of Poona Ford yet, but they will be by the end of this season. That is a scary thought for any Rams, 49ers, or Cardinals fan.

Seriously, 49er fans are pooping themselves right now.

This is a great day to be a Seahawks fan. Rejoice it.

Go Hawks.



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