Thoughts about the Seahawks Convincing Road Win Over the Arizona Cardinals

Last week at this time, I was reeling to find the stomach to write about about Seattle’s disappointing home loss against the Drew Brees-less New Orleans Saints. I watched the game in Portland, and had to process it for a three and a half hour drive up the I-5 Corridor back to Seattle. That game sucked, the drive home sucked, and I was about to throw Chris Carson and Mychal Kendricks to the curb indefinitely. I thought they both played like freeze dried doggie doodoo to put it mildly.  Today against the Cardinals, I thought they were clearly the players of the game on offense and defense.

Here are my notes.

The Good

Russell Wilson was continually on point at quarterback today, just as he has been through the previous three games. This has been his best start of any season ever. He is on pace for throwing about 3,600 yards, 28 touchdowns and 0 interceptions on a team that loves to run the ball. I’ll take those numbers. Against these Cards, he had yet another terrific game, and he was particularly sharp leading a long scoring drive in the fourth quarter after Arizona scored a touchdown to stay competitive. Russell Wilson is the MVP of this 3-1 team so far in my book.

Last week, and the week before, a bumbling stumbling changeling was running the ball for Seattle wearing number 32. Today, 32 was worn by Chris Carson, and it was great to see him back. He ran for tough yards when Seattle needed him to, and he caught the ball and ran for tough yards with it when they needed him to do that, as well. He was perfect today. Perfection.

Will Dissly is an absolute stud muffin at tight end, and today, he did more stud muffin things. I continue to love everything about Will Dissly. I think he can be one of the very best tight ends in the league. This is not hyperbole.

Mychal Kendricks was everywhere on the field on defense, rushing the passer, dropping into coverage, and was a tackling machine. He played like he owed back rent. Is this a guy Seattle should consider locking in long term? I’m beginning to think so.

Jadeveon Clowney had the play of the game picking off rookie quarterback Kyler Murphy and running it in for an easy score. In one play, you saw his undeniable athleticism. He looked like Richard Sherman if Sherm was two inches taller and fifty pounds heavier. I kinda hope Seattle locks him up long term, as well.

Seattle’s young wave of defensive lineman all played pretty darn well getting key sacks and stops. Poona Ford, Rasheem Green, and LJ Collier suddenly feel like potential front four building blocks moving forward, and are only just getting going. Don’t believe me? Green is tied for the lead on sacks on this team with two through four games. That puts him on pace for an eight sack season. Not too shabby, young sir.

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin had his fourth really solid game in a row. I predicted he would have a bounce back year this year before the season started. He is making me appear smarter than I look.

It was really nice to see Luke Willson back in a Seattle uniform, and it was even better to see him haul in a key fourth quarter catch that led to a first down. I never want to see Luke Willson leave Seattle again.

The Bad

Not much to note about here.

Rookie receiver phenom DK Metcalf was held to only one catch for six yards.

As the game went on in the second half, the offense that had played a clean game up to that point started racking up some annoying penalities that killed a few drives.

Tedric Thompson generated an unnecessary roughness call hitting a defenseless receiver that kept Arizona alive in the fourth, and it led to a touchdown scoring drive for them. Tedric is not much of a fan favorite and is starting to feel a little bit like the Germaine Ifedi of the defense. It doesn’t help him that he is filling the shoes of Earl Thomas. Kinda feel sorry for this guy, but plays like that aren’t going help fan perception.

The Ugly

I can’t really pick an ugly here.

Maybe that play call on the late scoring drive when offensive coordinator Brian Schottenhiemer chose to have Russell Wilson pass in an empty backfield formation in the red zone when the threat that Arizona was facing was Chris Carson and the run game with the clock running down. Why call that play there? That felt brain farty.

Closing Thoughts

When Seattle traded for Jadeveon Clowney at the beginning of the season, I felt that this likely put this team on a path of a 11-5 season. They sit 3-1 right now with a chance to take down the 3-1 Rams at home this Thursday Night. This is a huge early season game, and the Twelves need to bring it at Century Link Field big time. If they don’t, Seattle can not brag about its distinct home field advantage. This should be an exciting time for any Seahawks fan.

What is most exciting to me is that it feels this team is still trying to figure out itself. It still feels like an offense that wants to run, but now it feels more like an offense fully capable of setting up the run by passing, just like it did today, and kind of has had to do the last few weeks. Just me opinion, but it feels like there is more trust in Russell than maybe there ever has been before with this staff. This finally feels like Russell’s team.

It’s also kind of exciting how this defense is figuring itself out. Through four games, they have rather arrogantly stayed in a base 4-3 defense against offenses that primarily use extra receivers. Today, they took apart an air raid offense by keeping all three of their linebackers on the field, and not blinking. This is interesting stuff moving forward, especially when you consider that all the new faces on the defensive line are still trying to figure each other out.

Then when you add in the fact that Seattle will get their prized defensive tackle Jarran Reed back after two more games, there is some legitimate reason to allow for optimism. The defensive line has exceeded expectations, thus far, in my opinion, and they aren’t even whole, yet. That’s exciting.

Yup. Today is a great day to be a Seattle Seahawks fan. Funny what winning does.

Go Hawks!







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