A Letter to Seahawk Doubters From A Twelfth Cat.


Hey Jack Wagons, stop doubting my team. Go Hawks.

Dear Seattle Seahawk Doubters Near and Far,

Stop doubting my team. It makes you look stupid.

Seemingly every year, you inflate reasons why they won’t be very good, and guess what? Every year they make you look stupid.

Skip Bayless, I know you get paid a TON of cheddar to be a cable network blowhard. I get it. If someone threw that kind of coin at me and said “jump monkey jump” I’d do it too, but just be a little smart about it.

My human owner was ranting the other day about how you stupidly said that you still weren’t impressed with our Seahawks after their big Monday Night Football victory over what was the red hot Minnesota Vikings, and you would actually take your Dallas Cowboys over them in the playoffs.

Really, Skip? These same Dallas Cowboys that couldn’t beat the lowly New York Jets over the Seattle Seahawks that have beaten such playoff contenders in the Rams, 49ers, and Vikings?

Skip, just a little advise moving forward. Try to come across as being just a little intelligent. Otherwise, people are going to question what kind of photos Jerry Jones has of you. As for this date, Stephen A Smith you are not.

As for the rest of you Seattle Seahawk doubters, my message is crystal clear. Don’t be like Skip. It’s not a good look.

Since the Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft and made him a starter as a rookie, they have not had a losing season at all. Pete Carroll matched with Russell Wilson is gold that you can take to the bank every single football season. It’s okay to finally buy stock in them now.

Think I’m over inflating the facts? Okay, let’s play that game for a minute.

After the 2017 season in which they went 9-7 (their worst record under the Carroll/Wilson Machine) they cut Richard Sherman, traded Michael Bennett, essentially injury reserved/retired Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril, and moved on from Jimmy Graham. In that following 2018 season, with Earl Thomas sitting on IR for most of the season, these Seahawks, minus six pro bowl quality starters that were previously staples of the team, went 10-6, and found themselves right back in the playoffs where they almost always are.

I could easily rest my case there, but you jack wagons have still insisted in doubting this team heading into 2019.

“They can’t beat the Rams.”

“Look out for those improving San Fransisco 49ers now that they have Nick Bosa and Jimmy G is healthy.”

“Outside of Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, who does Seattle have on their roster, can you name any other player?”

These are the type of buffoon quotes that came out of your yappers at the start of the season, and I hope you enjoy eggs because you’re now wearing them all over your face.

Thus far, Seattle has beaten both division rivals, they now sit at the top of their division, and it seems to me in addition to Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, the team also has Chris Carson, Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Duane Brown, Jadeveon Clowney, Jarran Reed, KJ Wright, Shaquill Griffin, and a few others I could gladly list, but you get the gist.

So, here we are, Seattle now sitting at 10-2 with four games left to go, three against division rivals, and two of which are at home for them. What do you think the chances are that Seattle doesn’t make the playoffs?

Stop doubting them.

In 2020 they might be every stronger. They will have $66 million in cap space, and they will have a bunch of  picks (including two second rounders) heading into the draft. They may or may not extend Jadeveon Clowney, but at this point, who even cares?

Under Pete Carroll with Russell Wilson at QB, they will surely find a way to field a legitimate contending roster moving forward. They have a talented young nucleus emerging that has bought into the team philosophy and doesn’t harbor petty feelings towards their franchise quarterback. They have learned that lesson from their 86’d older siblings.

Buy stock in these Seahawks. It’s smart money. Don’t be like Skip.

Or do, because, ya know, someone has to be the clown.

Go Hawks.


Earl Thomas Eastwood – Twelfth Cat For Life.


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