Thoughts On The Return Of Marshawn Lynch To Seattle

This has to be great news for every Seahawks fan. When he left Seattle for Oakland, I had always hoped that one day he would return to the 206, and retire a Seattle Seahawk. Now it looks like that will be the case.

For me, this is a perfect Christmas present, and for the Seahawks to do this the day after that horrible home loss to the Cardinals, this is a genius stroke of a PR move heading into the division title showdown against the 49ers. Seahawk fans will be extra ramped come Sunday Night. It’s guaranteed.

While Marshawn might be Oakland born and raised, he is as much about Seattle sports as Steve Largent, Ken Griffey Junior, and Shawn Kemp. He will forever be loved in this market. Seattle will always be his second home.

And he has come back to us.

He won’t be in pass coverage against George Kittle, and he won’t pass rush Jimmy G, but he might truck over Richard Sherman, and he might pick up a needed pass block against Nick Bosa, and he might rumble in for a crotch grabbing score or two.

I think, for a few games anyway, he can set a tone on the offense that it needs and a tone Twelves know and love all too well. He can be the spark that he always was and always meant for this team, and he will be well rested for it.

This is fantastic news. I’m really excited about these Seahawks heading into the playoffs. I didn’t feel that way yesterday against the Cardinals, but I definitely feel it tonight as I type this.

Merry Christmas everyone, welcome home Marshawn, and go Hawks!


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