Seahawks Must Go Madden At The Trade Deadline

All I want is for Seattle to go Madden mode and get this guy with others. Go Hawks!

Hi my name is Curtis, and I’m a middle aged Madden addict.

I’ve been playing Madden since 2003. I know it’s not going to cause me to rob gas stations, or bust into my neighbor’s tool shed at 3AM because of this addiction, and I don’t think I will wake up naked on a grassy knoll beside Interstate-5 during rush hour because of it, either. So I think this is a healthy addiction to go along with my Seattle Seahawks addition.

They make each other complete. At least, that’s how I see things.

So, like you, I have watched these 2020 Seattle Seahawks through six games now, and I have come to the conclusion that they are what they are, and that is that they aren’t a whole heck of a lot better than they were last year. I think they have a good chance to go 11-5, maybe win a tough NFC West division, maybe even get to twelve wins, if all goes well.. just maybe.

Simply put, with that defense, I don’t anticipate that they will go far in the playoff, Maybe they get to the divisional round, just like they did last year, maybe.

It will be a shame if that is the result, because I think Russell Wilson will put up historic passing numbers with the need to win shootouts every week, and I think that will possibly lead to his first MVP award, especially if they somehow manage to win the West.

It will be a shame if they are not battling in the NFC championship game in a year he finally wins MVP, much less the Super Bowl. It will be a shame that he puts up historic passing numbers and doesn’t win MVP because his team’s defense was good enough to help secure the NFC West crown, and they are no more than a wildcard team.

Seattle’s money-ball plan to fix their pass rush over the off-season is not working, so far. I have little faith it will be much better with the players that they have in house as the season goes on, even if Snacks Harrison factors as a run stuffing defensive tackle, and Rasheem Green and Darrell Taylor come off the IR to contribute as edge rushers. I think this defense is what it is. They have some solid talent at linebacker and in the secondary, and they have a bunch of guys who are just guys on the defensive line, at best. That isn’t good enough.

That’s unacceptable for a team that boasts a 4-3 defense, or at least some hybrid version of one. In this league, you need to be able to win some battles rushing with four players. Seattle, presently, can not do this hardly at all. They have to send blitzers, and that leaves them vulnerable in coverage. It’s a terrible catch-22.

I’m not going to be mad at general manager John Schneider for taking a chance at some money-ball means to improving the pass rush last off-season. I actually think that it was a plan worth taking. Jadeveon Clowney is not worth $17 million annually, especially on a team that is paying their quarterback $35 million annually. I think adding Bruce Irvin, Benson Mayowa and drafting Darrell Taylor made sense.

Schneider couldn’t predict that Irvin would be lost to injury early in the season, and with Covid, it was hard to gauge Taylor’s recovery from the leg injury he received in college. Taylor was the best pass rusher available for them in the draft after taking linebacker Jordyn Brooks in round one, and Schneider took that chance. With high picks, you want them to go for the players with the highest athletic upside. That’s how you end up with a Frank Clark or a DK Metcalf at the end of round two. I firmly believe that Taylor was taken because Schneider identified that upside.

So, no, I am not going to demand that John Schneider be held accountable for these decisions like some others are suggesting. What they heck does that even mean? Pin him down and forcibly make him admit that he made a mistake by not overpaying for Clowney? Good God.

Football is football, and sh*t happens. It’s how a team responds to the sh*t happening that matters, and with the trade deadline approaching next week, I think it is time for Schneider to respond by not just trading for a pass rusher, but aggressively trading for multiple players to come in, and make an immediate impact just like Quandre Diggs did for the team last year at safety.

It’s time for John Schneider to go Madden mode, and here are my crazy bold Madden trade scenarios to help Russell Wilson not only win MVP, but for the team to win the whole damn Super Bowl enchilada.

Trade for edge rusher Everson Griffen

It was rumored all Summer long that Seattle was interested in bringing in this former USC Pete Carroll pass rusher. It was practically expected right up to the time Dallas sneaked in and signed him under their nose. The Cowboy season is busted with the loss of Dak Prescott, and they are now willing to deal Griffen. Seattle probably have him for a mid to late round pick, and he would be an immediate upgrade to Benson Mawoya.

He would also be a player rookies Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson would benefit learning from. Frank Clark had the benefit from learning from Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. Taylor and Robinson should be afforded a similar benefit.

Make this deal now, John Schneider.

Trade tight end Jacob Hollister to Baltimore for edge rusher Jaylon Ferguson

The Ravens have just traded for Yannick Ngakoue, and now are a bit stacked at edge rushing position. They need a boost for their passing game, and a pass catching tight end would probably be pretty desirable. Tight end is one area on the Seahawk roster that is log jammed, and Russell Wilson appears to prefer throwing to his receivers more this year. The math adds up here.

Ferguson was a raw yet productive edge rusher in college that Seattle had brought into their facilities just prior to the 2019 draft. He was the player I thought that they were likely targeting with their first pick, instead they took LJ Collier to play the old Michael Bennett role, and the Ravens were able to land him in round three.

Ferguson is different than Collier. He’s a pure edge rusher, and on top of being an immediate part of the rotation now, he would give Seattle three young edge rushers to build off of in future years along with Taylor and Robinson. This isn’t just a trade for 2020, like the Griffen scenario is. This is a trade for 2021 and 2022.

Trade for NY Jet defensive tackle Quinnen Williams

The Jets are a dumpster fire, and in result, they are presently having a fire sale. Ridiculously, they are now supposedly interested in trading their young talented defensive tackle, Quinnen Williams, who was a top five pick in 2019. It is rumored that they want multiple second round picks for him.

Honestly, if I am John Schneider, I am considering this heavily. Williams has rare athleticism for a DT. They have no player on their defensive that comes close to matching his upside. It’s unlikely that they will find a defensive tackle at the end of round two that matches that upside.

It seems like forever John Schneider and Pete Carroll have been searching for that illusive three technique pass rusher. They drafted Malik McDowell hoping that he would fill that role. They trade for Sheldon Richardson with the hopes he would do it. They extended Jarran Reed for two seasons in the hopes that he would finally grow more into it. Williams could be it for the next three and a half years of club control.

That’s worth a couple late second round picks for me, even knowing that the team will be without first and second round picks for the next two offseasons. They can figure it out later.

But for fun’s sake, here is an alternative trade scenario with New York that I can see might get the deal done. Maybe, just maybe, Schneider can convince the Jets general manager Joe Douglas to take Seattle’s 2021 second round pick, their 2019 first round pick LJ Collier, and there 2022 third round pick for Williams. Douglas would probably feel like that is a fairly handsome haul, and I think each former 2019 first rounder might be better fits on their new clubs.

Collier has been a fine rotational piece for Seattle this year. He’s flashed as a bit as an inside/out rusher, and has made some flashy run stops at critical times. I also think he looks more like a 3-4 five technique end than he does a 4-3 one like Michael Bennett was. The Jets’ 3-4 might be a way better fit for him.

Conversely, I think Quinnen Williams is a pure 4-3 defensive tackle, and that is the style of defense that would allow him to reach his full potential. I would even consider trading Jarran Reed and a second round pick for him (although, I think it is unlikely Seattle wants to part with Reed mid season this year).

Ideally, adding Williams to an interior defensive line rotation of Reed, Snacks Harrison, and Poona Ford would give Seattle’s a huge boost for the remainder of 2020. Suddenly, with Everson Griffen, Jaylon Ferguson, and this cat added, Seattle can have a defensive line rotation that can start winning some battle rushing with four.

I will say it again, but I think it is something John Schneider should strongly consider, even if it further guts their 2021 draft. I say just go for it.

Do a rare inter-divisional trade with San Francisco for receiver Dante Pettis

Despite a rash of injuries to their receiving group, the much hated 49ers appear desperate to get rid of former Husky and second round pick Dante Pettis. He’s been almost entirely phased out of their offense, and they have all but conceded that he has been a busted flush for them as a high round pick. He simply does not fit what they physically desire at receiver to mix with their dedicated run game.

Seattle flirted with signing Antonio Brown last week. It’s debatable how much interest Seattle actually had in Brown, but it does signal that they are looking to continue adding to their offensive attack. For one thing, it is unclear when Josh Gordon is ever going to be reinstated by the league. For another thing, it also feels unclear when Phillip Dorsett is going to get back from is foot injury. These are two reasons why Seattle might be seriously looking to add more to this group.

While Pettis is not the most physical pass catcher, he is a player that can get deep with their vertical attack, and he is a player that also provides huge potential as a punt returner. He is also well loved in the Seattle area as a former Husky and has a personality that would probably blend well with Russell Wilson, and DK Metcalf and such.

Simply, I think he is worth taking a flyer on. He has zero catches for the season, and might be had for a conditional 2021 seventh round pick. I doubt the 49ers are going to get much offers for him, and I doubt those offers are going to be much more than that. Given how he has played for them, they might be happy to face him twice in their division. I can see this trade happening.

Finally, bring back an old face at running back through free agency

Chris Carson’s foot injury is unfortunate, and he is listed as week to week. This means that he is probably going to miss the game against San Francisco, and it like means that he could miss a few other games afterwards. While Seattle has Carlos Hyde to step in and likely be serviceable, they also have third down back Travis Homer with a bruised knee, and Rashaad Penny doesn’t appear close to coming back from his knee injury from last year.

Suddenly, Seattle appears to potentially be in a bit of a bind at running back, and that isn’t a great thing heading into their match against the 49ers. There is even speculation that they might move receiver David Moore (who played RB a bit in college) to the position, as they presently have no running back to promote from their practice squad. Probably also not an ideal situation.

Is sure would be great to see Beastmode again, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, I’m not sure that’s going to happen again. Instead, CJ Prosise just got released from the Texans, and he would have intimate knowledge of the Seattle scheme. As injury prone as he is, he’s probably the player that they could sign today to get ready to play against San Francisco. He’s been in the league practicing, and therefore, he’s in shape to play. Until Carson is ready to go, why not just have him on the roster for a few weeks, and let Moore stay as a receiver.

Final thoughts.

If John Schneider makes one move, it should probably be to bring in Everson Griffen. His contract is affordable, and he would be an immediate upgrade to what they presently have at edge rusher, which isn’t much. If he is the only player John Schneider adds, that would probably be a successful trade deadline campaign.

However, I want Schneider to do more. I want a lot more. I want them going all in for 2020 and beyond. I want them to show the boldness that they have shown in years past, and what they showed during training camp with the splash trade for Jamal Adams.

Go get Quinnen Williams today. Go big, and don’t worry about the high draft capital. Williams and Adams can be the building blocks for the future. You’re not likely to find an young defensive tackle with his athletic potential at the end of the second round. Be aggressive getting him into Seattle and having cheap club control over him for a few years. Don’t be afraid to add a player you like on your roster into the mix.

Go get another young edge rusher like Jaylon Ferguson if the opportunity is there. You’re not going to be drafting high for the next couple years, so be creative finding young talent to build off of. Let’s see what cream comes to the top in a battle between Ferguson, Taylor, and Robinson.

My father used to say that you can never have enough defensive linemen. Come on, Schneider, hear his words. Read this blog!

Be creative. Be bold. Now is not the time to play it safe.

With a few pieces added, this defense will not likely suddenly become like the legendary one that dominated from 2012 through 2015, but it can be one good enough to legitimately help win a Super Bowl in a Russell Wilson MVP level year. The defense, as it presently is, will likely not be enough to get it done, and that would be a shame.

This team has toyed with 10-6 and wild card births long enough. It’s time to win the West, and get back to the big show.

So do whatever is needed to get that done.

Go Hawks.


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