Get Right Game: A Seahawks Vs Jets Preview

Last Sunday’s game against the Giants was abysmal. I can accept losses to the Rams, and the Bills when my quarterback isn’t at his best and the defense is playing bad. Losing to the Colt McCoy led Giants last Sunday was unacceptable.

The Giants played a good overall game, but make not a mistake about it, the Seattle Seahawks beat themselves. Starting corner Shaquill Griffin even admitted that they did not take the Giants seriously. That was evident by Russell Wilson and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer both stubbornly attacking a Giant defense with deep patterns weren’t there. The Giant defense did everything to take them away but Russ and Schotty kept going over them, anyways. That’s flat out stupid. That cannot happen again.

This game against these lowly 0-12 NY Jets must be a get right game for Seattle. Just winning against this team probably will not be enough as now Seattle has kinda needlessly put themselves in a dog fight for the NFC West division with the Rams. Seattle needs to soundly beat these Jets, and it all starts with Russell Wilson, and getting this offense right for the rest of the way through December.

Getting it right might just simply mean taking whatever the defense is willing to give up, and staying with that until they adjust, and then you adjust to something else they will concede. It’s a basic football 101 approach that somehow escaped Seattle’s $35 million quarterback and his offensive coordinator last Sunday. I cannot overstate the level of importance that this needs to not happen again this year. There is no reason for it to, and there can be no excuses for it should it happen again.

Seahawk win this game by..

Playing smart ball, offensively. This is not rocket science, and the Jet defense is not a difficult thing to figure out. It’s a bad unit. If the Jets are going to play coverage and rush with four, then you probably want to establish the run because they won’t be concerning themselves with Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde, and you probably want to draw up some sort of short passing attack. If they are going to be aggressive with the blitz, then you look to beat them the same way you did against the Cardinals a few weeks ago. Seattle has enough pieces on their offense to beat a team numerous ways. They can win by playing power run, they can win by playing quick passing, and they can win with the long ball. They just need to attack whatever the defense is conceding, and if they do this against the Jets, this game could be a cake walk.

Defensively, they just need to play assignment sound ball all four quarters. They did this for three quarters against the Giants, but that third quarter proved costly when they lost containment on a critical outside run play. This unit should be fired up to host the Jets. You know Jamal Adams will be, but others should be also. They just need to continue to improve and play connected ball together and in that, show no mercy against a bad Jet offense. This will be an important match up for them to further their improved efforts.

Seahawks lose by..

Playing stupid.

My Prediction

Seahawks get it right in this one, and they soundly beat the Jets, 34-17.

This will be a get right game for Russell Wilson and the offense as they look to take what the Jet defense gives them. I think we see at least four touchdowns scored in this one. We will likely feel more points could have been had, but I suspect that when the game is well at hand going into the fourth quarter, Pete Carroll is going to want to see an offense more willing to drain time than score more points.

Defensively, they will look to terrorize Sam Darnold. I see sacks happening, I see turnovers happening, I see Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams happening, and ultimately, I see this side of the ball looking to take frustrations of last Sunday’s loss out in a fairly decisive way. The final score might not be a true indication how lopsided this match will be, as I expect the Jets to score most of their points in what will be garbage time.

Seahawks will get this one right. Bank on it.

Go Hawks


2 thoughts on “Get Right Game: A Seahawks Vs Jets Preview

    • Seems like a rough stretch for sure, but if the Seahawks can just settle down and play a strong game, and soundly put a bad team down, that can be a solid thing to build off of when facing two tougher teams. We shall see. Go Hawks!


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