There Will Be Blood: A Seahawks Versus Rams Preview

Smelling blood in the water

Make no mistake about it. This game is likely not going to be a match for the squeamish. If you like your Russell Wilson cooking up 300 plus yards and 4 touchdowns with deep moon balls to DK Metcalf, you might want to look away, at times, during this one.

If you are like me, however, and you like your football to be the equivalent of a hard fought medieval battle with armor clanking loudly in the muck and mire, and with bones crunching from dulled out broadswords, well then, this is likely going to be the game for you. There will be blood in this one.

Don’t expect pretty. Don’t expect Madden numbers. These are two bitter divisional foes who will be battling for all the marbles in the NFC West. The Rams are coming into Seattle angry about being punked by the New York Jets, and the Seattle Seahawks will be smelling blood in the water like a swarm of hungry tiger sharks starving for revenge and the opportunity to clinch the division.

This game is what football was meant for. Anger. Aggression. Pain.


Seahawks win this game by..

Not cowering to Aaron Donald and the fierce pack of Ram defenders. Seahawks go right at them with the power run, and the quick passes, play action, and tempo. Seahawks make these Rams earn the right to rush the passer much like they did against the Washington defenders. The first time around, they didn’t was Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde, and Rashaad Penny. This time they will, and they will likely have Greg Olsen back. This could look like a strategy of playing it safe, but I would test this defense with smash mouth. Seattle has a massive offensive line, and they have a host of power runners. If they stay with the run and quick game, opportunities for DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett down field could become much more of the thing as the game progresses this time around than last time.

Going after Jared Goff. Screw it. Normally, I’m not in favor of being blitz happy, but in this one, I say be aggressive and go after the struggling Rams quarterback who has been able to pick your defense apart in the past. Go after him, but be smart about it. The Rams will be without their best running back. There is a decent chance the Sean McVay will be forced to lean into his quarterback more he normally has wanted to this season. Time to mess with Goff. Send Jamal. Send Bobby. Send KJ. Send Ugo Amadi. Send Brooks. Just be varied, and give opportunities to rush with only four. Be aggressive. Be smart.

Seahawks lose this game by..

Turning the ball over, staying in third and long too often, and too many penalties to overcome. Simply, they play stupid football during what is likely the most important game of the season. This offense needs to be crisp. They need to find ways to take whatever this defense will give however they can. They can’t have Russell Wilson playing hesitant all game. There will be moments where he will be flustered even in a good outing, but this Ram defense is one that you do not want to find yourself in third and long often.

Lack of discipline on defense for Seattle could also be a killer. There is no excuse for this to happen. Seattle’s defense has been coming around at the right time over the past month, and some younger cream has started to rise to the top in DJ Reed, LJ Collier, Poona Ford, and Jordyn Brooks. Seattle needs these younger players to continue to step up playing with KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, and Jamal Adams. McVay loves to scheme mismatches to exploit against defenses and he has done well scheming against Pete Carroll’s. Seattle must balance aggression with discipline. If they do that just enough, Seattle is more than capable of beating the Rams. If they don’t, this could become another nail biter or worse.

My Prediction.

Pain. Both clubs will be hard charging in this one. I see extra hot sauce on hits and tackles. I see turnovers. I see busted plays. I see broken fingers.

I see the Seattle Seahawks enacting revenge against the Los Angeles Rams, and winning this one 30-24.

This is a homer pick. I know, but I have picked the Seahawks in every game this year, and have been right ten times out of fourteen. So, laugh all you want, but who is the real dummy, really?

Seahawks clinch the division in this one. I’m more than ready to watch that happen. I can’t wait.

Go Hawks


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