Seahawks Sweep 49ers, Finish 12-4, And Will Host The Rams in Playoffs.. Yay!

Mama said knock out, Huh.

Nope, this here season ending game against the 49ers wasn’t pretty. But then again, how much can we depend as Twelves for the Seahawks to play pretty football for four quarters under the current construction of this team?

Leading into this match, I felt that this game would likely feel like a struggle at times, and I wasn’t wrong about that. The 49ers proved to be an impressive tough out for Seattle, more so that I even envisioned. They are a proud club, and they are extremely well coached on both sides of the ball.

In fact, had it not been for an endless list of injuries to key starters, they very much could have been the class of the NFC West yet again in 2020. But that is football, and injuries are very much a part of the game. It’s been impressive to see that team fight its way through a difficult season. A tip of the hat must go towards Kyle Shanahan and his ability to coach a team up. He’s really good, and they reflect that.

That said, it felt like the Seattle Seahawks were often fighting themselves a bit in this one, offensively. In fact, for three quarters this game felt eerily similar to the game they played against the Giants over a month ago and lost. Seattle seemed to be stubborn with pocket passing in the third quarter when the 49ers were bring a lot of pressure and they weren’t doing anything to counter, and they weren’t staying with the run to offset the pass rush.

It was only when the 49ers went up 16-6 at the start of the fourth quarter that Seattle started to move Russell Wilson outside the pocket that they were able to get out of their rut. Once that happened, this game started feeling like we were finally about to see some quality football with the offense. It should have started much sooner, in my opinion.

With this game won, I firmly believe that, if Seattle is going to do any damage in the playoffs, two things need to happen with the offense. Brian Schottenheimer needs to stay committed to mixing in the run with the pass is the first thing. The second thing is that they must get Russell Wilson factoring into the pass game more from outside the pocket where he is most dangerous. If they do this, Seattle can do damage against any club they face.

Here are my notes about this season finale against San Francisco.

The Good

The Seahawk defense continued to carry the team and the played well enough for this club to win. Yes, there were plays and yards given up as the game went on, but they also made plays, and they made plays when it mattered most without key defenders in Jamal Adams and Jarran Reed at the end. The rise of this defense continues to be the bright spot on this club.

Russell Wilson had a horrid third quarter trying to pocket pass against an aggressive 49er front that was sending the house. I don’t think this was all on Russ. He wasn’t helped by any attempt of a run game. Once they adjusted in the fourth quarter, and got him moving, he turned into an unstoppable force. Because of that, he is the player of the game for me. When they needed it most, he gashed the 49ers with his legs and his arm. That fourth quarter performance was vintage Russell Wilson.

Other impressive individual efforts were the hard running from Chris Carson (and Alex Collins at the end), the continuous brilliant play of KJ Wright at SAM linebacker, and the marvelous game from Tyler Lockett who was catching everything.

On the defensive line, I thought it was a good collective effort from the group bringing pressure and Benson Mayowa, in particular, gave an inspired effort. Also loved the play of Poona Ford and Rasheem Green.

Rookie linebacker Jordyn Brooks is really good.

The Bad

Brian Schottenheimer getting away from the run in the third quarter did not help this offense against that aggressive 49er front. Having Russell Wilson pocket pass against that was hard to watch. If Seattle would have lost, this probably would have been a big talking point all week. Fortunately, he adjusted. Maybe is was a rope a dope thing. I dunno. Go Hawks.

Jarran Reed and Jamal Adams getting injured heading into the playoffs is not ideal. Hopefully, Adams will play in the wildcard round.

The Ugly

All the 49er players jacked up and in the face of Seattle players whenever there where big hits, and plays. The 49ers hate Seattle with an intense passion. You can feel it bounce off the television. In a way, it’s impressive, but as a Seahawk fan it’s also gross. Like, really gross. Yuck.

Seriously. I did a lot of flipping off of 49er defenders and a few offensive players in this one. Go suck on a gas piper, losers! Enjoy being owned by Seattle once again, ya butt wipers!

I never said I was mature.

Moving Forward

Bring on the Rams. I’m stoked. I don’t care if the Rams have given Seattle fits over the years. Bring them on.

It was a big cherry on the top of this season to end it by sweeping the 49ers. A playoff victory over the Rams would be a prime rib sandwich.

I love a juicy prime rib sandwich. I’m ready for that.

Go Hawks!


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