Seahawks Hire Rams Pass Game Coordinator Shane Waldron And This Is Great News

Portland boy does good coming back to the PNW to save the Seahawks

Twitter brings the world a lot of stupid things. For every poignantly sharp tweet put forth, there seems to exist dozens of hot takes that function as nothing more than the equivalent of road rage for all to read. Because of that, I’m not convinced that Twitter offers us much good, and I think it can often exacerbate things that might just be modest annoyances into issues that feel like bigger deals than they actually are.

Seahawks Twitter is a very big deal among the Twelves, especially the younger generations. Much of the demographic lives and works in the tech industry, and because of that, we have a healthy dose of young smarties that exist in this unique Twitter bubble. I am not yet active on Twitter because, well, I am incredibly lazy, but I peak on it when it comes to my Seahawks.

In the realm of Seahawks Twitter, I see some well reasoned tweets that come out from those that cover and write about the club, but I also see numerous tweets that read like they were authored by a semi-deranged Jerry Springer guest. Perfect examples of such Seahawk related tweets usually involve firing Pete Carroll and/or trading Russell Wilson (the two foundational cornerstones of this franchise that annually makes the playoffs, like, annually).

Don’t get me wrong, I get why these tweets exist. The Seahawks have not made it back to a championship game in over five seasons now, and they haven’t made it out of the wildcard round twice in three consecutive post seasons. For Seahawk fans that have become very use to winning over the past decade, that has become a clear annoyance.

For many, the feeling is that this team is underachieving based on the talent that exists on the roster. Many see an expensive quarterback that is not being leaned into enough. Some also see him as simply not talented enough to justify his salary, and the team cannot spend in ways to better fill out the roster. Many also see a head coach that, while he is a great culture builder, he is also prone to bad game management and the modern game of offensive football has passed him by.

In my view, these are sorta extreme takes. Russell Wilson is an elite quarterback who had a rough second half of the 2020 when the Seattle offense never adjusted to how defenses were playing it. Pete Carroll is a great football head coach who hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to coach the game. In fact, he called for his offense to adjust mid season, and his offensive coordinator failed to deliver. Brian Schotteheimer was shown the door immediately after their post season concluded, and Seattle put forth a search for a new offensive coach who would marry together what Pete wants with what Russell wants.

Enter former Rams pass game coordinator and Portland Oregon native, Shane Waldron. This in my view is a sure fire home run hit of a hire. Read me now, feel me later. The Seattle Seahawks hit this one out of the park, and they needed to do that. Bravo.

Pete Carroll wants to run the ball more after he saw his offense get way out of balance in 2020 with the pass to run ratio numbers. He also stressed that he wanted to figure out how to get better on third downs and quick passes. For the last four seasons, the Ram offense has been the ideal definition of balance between the run and pass, and they have been highly efficient on third downs.

In an hour long media session after the play loss to the Rams no less, Russell Wilson stated that he and Pete were on the same page about getting back to the run, but he also said that it wasn’t just about running the ball. He wanted the offense to be great on all phases and he expressed again a very strong desire to play with more up tempo. For the last four years, the Rams have also been a very good team at attacking defenses with varied tempo. This fits.

When I wrote my season ending review of this team, and offered thoughts about the future offensive coaching, one thing I mentioned was that I thought it would be wise for Seattle to poach off of the Rams staff or the 49er one because I thought that either offense would ideally fit one Russell Wilson. Just imagine, if you will, what Russell Wilson would look like in that Ram offense. That’s pretty exciting stuff.

By hiring Shane Waldron, I believe Seattle will surely bring a variation of that Ram offense up to the Pacific Northwest. Pete Carroll will his desired balanced attack. It will have its pass game built off of the run by way of play action, and Russell Wilson will likely have the tempo he desires. This move fits what the coach wants and what the quarterback does best.

No longer will the team try to make a short quarterback be a drop back pocket passer with long developing pass patterns. They will ask him to move around, and attack defenses with quicker passes, and at times, tempo.

The Rams offense is ideal for all of this. It only runs a hand full of various pass plays and run plays, but is does it out of countless looks that keep defenses guessing whether it will be run or pass. It also tests all areas of the field. It requires the quarterback to be mobile and accurate on the move, and make smart decisions with the ball. That is Russell Wilson at his best.

After the Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson exit interviews a few weeks back, there was a growing number of extreme speculations with regards to the direction of the club. Folks looked between the lines of what both figure heads were saying, and they started to openly entertain ideas of a divorce brewing. I think the hiring of Waldron can safely put a lot of that to rest now. This is a clear sign that the franchise is very determined to marry together what both figures want, and that’s the right thing to do.

The Seattle Seahawks are not going to trade Russell Wilson anytime soon, and they are not going to fire Pete Carroll. Safer bets are that both could easily retire Seahawks someday much far down the line.

I’m excited about this hire. I’m very excited about the 2021 Seattle Seahawks. I think this will be their Abbey Road season, as I see Pete and Russ getting back to where they once belong.

If you don’t get the reference, maybe you should take a Twitter break, and put on the head phones while you plug the Super Bowl winning 2013 season back in the DVD player. Sit back, eat a pizza, and try to enjoy what a winning franchise looks like.

Today is a very good day.

Go Hawks.


1 thought on “Seahawks Hire Rams Pass Game Coordinator Shane Waldron And This Is Great News

  1. There passing game was great in the first half of the season, but teams started figuring them out, and they never returned to winning form. This move could change things for the better.

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