New Dorks On Sports Podcast Episode 3 And Quick Thoughts On Richard Sherman And The Seahawks

Hey there, 12th Life Readers.

Just another plug for our new podcast show Dorks On Sports. Episode 3 dropped yesterday, and I wanted to share here.

This episode was a lot of fun to record Monday night, despite re-living the dreadful Seahawks loss to the Vikings. It’s a shorter episode than the previous two, and I think for future episodes, we would like to have them all run at about 40 minutes or so as compared to the roughly hour long ones we recorded with the first two.

In this episode we lament the state of the Seahawk defense, I create a bit of chaos when I suggest that if the Seahawks don’t get a win within the next week between the 49ers and Rams, the result could become an entire rebuild next year. Things get much cheerier and goofy after that, especially when we talk Mariners, and other what-nots.

You can watch these episodes on YouTude, or follow the audio on Spotify and Podbean. If you dig, please spread the love. We really enjoy doing these, and I absolutely love my podcast team.

Thoughts On Richard Sherman And The Seahawks

Well, anyone who has regularly reading my little blog knows how much I have wanted to see the Seattle Seahawks reunite with Richard Sherman. I saw a very obvious need at cornerback heading into the preseason, and I saw an even greater need after the first three real games of the regular season. From a pure football sense, bringing Richard Sherman back to Seattle just made too much sense for it not to happen, especially considering that he wanted to come home.

From a fan’s perspective, a Richard Sherman return also made a ton of sense. Sure, there would be a group of fans who wouldn’t be down for the idea. They would recite that his awful sideline antics from five years ago, and all the alleged beefs that he had with Russell Wilson and the way the team coddled the quarterback, and I very much understand all that.

That said, I believe that the vast majority for Seahawk fans would have glowingly welcomed him back, and his infusion back into this defense would have very likely gotten a fan base that is growing more and more impatient with Pete Carroll and John Schneider, jacked up and excited. I cannot help but think of the missed opportunity here.

We all know who and what Richard Sherman is. He’s a highly intelligent and talented football player, and he is as fierce of a competitor as there is in the league. He also demands accountability, not only from those around him, but from himself first and foremost. He’s also a natural leader and teacher and his teammates on defense love him.

In my humble opinion, Seattle whiffed on the opportunity to bring him back big time. If they can’t turn this defense around enough to make it to the playoffs this year, their decision to not bring him back will be heavily scrutinized by fans that are increasingly starting to get more and more put off by the decision making processes of this club.

Richard Sherman mentioned Seattle in his press conference yesterday and he used the term “stringing along.” Richard Sherman took a minimum contract with Tampa to play this year.

Seattle couldn’t find it within themselves to offer him that, especially after what happened against Tennessee?

I don’t know how that sits with you but it is not sitting well with me.

Presently, the Seattle Seahawks are sitting comfortably with over $10 million in salary space right now. I cannot remember the last time they have carried this much into a regular season.

Chances are they are going to trade to pull off a trade for a big name player before the trade deadline with that amount of cap space. My hunch is that player could very easily be a cornerback, probably that Gilmore dude in New England is a good bet, and maybe that turns their season around and the make the playoffs yet again.

Some will praise them for being geniuses for making the move, but here is how I am likely to look at it, if that trade is ultimately for a corner. I am going to look at the fact they could have had Sherman on the cheap, and they could have used that money perhaps on a pro bowl quality center to finally fix the offensive line, or they could have used it on a big time pass rusher TO FURTHER SOLIDIFY THE DEFENSIVE LINE.

So, yeah. I’m a little bummed that they didn’t actually make Richard Sherman any offer, that they just strung him along, and really, strung many of us along, too.

I really hope that the beat these 49ers this Sunday. I can use that win. Amen.

Go Hawks!


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