True Grit. A Seahawks Vs Rams Thursday Night Football Preview

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Before we get into the nit grit of this Seahawks vs Rams preview, just a reminder that I got a new podcast going with some pals that we like to call Dorks On Sports. Above is our latest episode where we go through the Seahawks win over the 49ers, give our keys to the game and predictions with the Rams, have fun with Urban Meyer weirdness, and discuss the Ted Lasso Mariners and other matters. If you like, please follow us on YouTube, Spotify and Apple, and other sources where podcasts are available.

Okay, the Los Angeles Ram.


Throw out all the records when the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams play each other.

No, seriously, throw them away.

These pesky Rams have been a major thorn in the side of Seattle for the better part of a decade now. Even when they were a loserville franchise prior to ditching St Louis and moving back to sunny, scenic Southern California, these Rams have always known how to it it messy for Seattle.

Now a days, with Rams being largely a shinning gem inside a very tough NFC West division, this team has absolutely no fear of Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Even in an embarrassing loss to the Arizona Cardinals inside their own stadium, immediately afterwards, to a Rams player, they probably collectively thought “that’s okay, we go up to Seattle on Thursday Night.”

On a short week, with the possibility of playing without their two best pass rushers in Carlos Dunlap and Darrell Taylor, the Seattle Seahawks will host a high flying Rams offense that now features the powerful arm talent of Matthew Stafford. Seattle’s defense showed some promise against a good 49er offensive on Sunday in a winning effort where Seattle knocked out the 49er starting quarterback, and forced them to play a raw rookie passer.

Can Seattle’s defense find it within themselves to follow that effort up with another decent outing against Stafford who has found new life as a veteran NFL passer?

This is probably the question that this game is going to come down to as to whether Seattle can pull off back to back wins in a very short week. Can the Seahawks defense just do enough?


Seahawks win by..

Continuing to do what they did offensively against a good 49er defense from the later portion of the second quarter on. This includes but is not limited to Russell Wilson on the move instead of trying to prove to the world that is he Payton Manning in the pocket, Russell Wilson as a running threat, Russell Wilson throwing dimes off play action boot legs, Russell Wilson supported by a committed and effective run game, Russell Wilson playing up tempo, and finally, Russell Wilson having the keys to the offense in changing calls at the line of scrimmage just like he marvelously did in the second half against the 49ers. If all this happens, I think Seattle hangs a lot of points against these Rams Thursday night.

Alton Robinson, Rasheem Green, Kerry Hyder Jr, and Benson Mayowa (if he plays) gotta come alive as pass rushers against these Rams. It doesn’t look like Darrell Taylor and Carlos Dunlap will be able to go against the Rams with ankle and toe injuries in a short week of practice. If I have to pick one pass rusher to come through on Thursday Night Football for this defense, I’m probably picking Alton Robinson. There is just something about this dude I really like. He kind of reminds me of Cliff Avril a bit. I think that with Dunlap and Taylor out, this game is his grand opportunity to shine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Green get more active again too, as he might have to shift back more into that Leo role with the other dudes out. However, it works out, though, somebody in this group really needs to step up big.

Continuing to simplify the defense so that Sidney Jones settles down more as the starting left corner, and mixes in better with the other starters is the other really big key in this. Here’s what I want to see out of these guys against the Rams. Be aggressive with the Ram receivers and challenge them. Don’t over think it. Work to upset their timing, challenge their routes and play coverage everyone can be on the same page with. Sidney Jones was a really good cover corner in college at Washington. Let him be a cover corner in this defense. Don’t have him stay in retreat mode because Stafford and company will eat him alive. If Seattle can play aggressive coverage at home in front of jacked up Twelves, that will help their pass rush.

Seahawks lose this one by..

Russell Wilson trying to win this game against Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey as a pocket passer instead of mixing it up all game long. Which side of Russ are we going to get? The one who wants to win it from the pocket, or the one willing to truly challenge a spotty Rams defense with his legs? I really hope it’s the latter and not the former in this one.

Being passive and playing with fear against the strong arm of Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay’s playbook. You know what really made the Legion of Boom great? Yeah, there was some talent involved, sure, but those dudes played fast and fearless. Richard Sherman and whoever played corner opposite of him challenged receivers at the line of scrimmage even with dropping into zones. Carroll needs to remember what the core of his famed defense was about. They played aggressively on the back end and that helped the pass rush out. If Carroll has these DBs playing too safe and soft in coverage against Stafford, this will get ugly as a defense again. That is not a situation I want to see.

Seattle turns the ball over and doesn’t get turnovers. This one is simple. It’s all about the ball. Seattle can’t turn the ball over in this one and give Stafford more scoring opportunities. Seattle’s probably going to need to take the ball away at some point, as well. It is all about the ball.


The Seattle Seahawks show some true grit in this one, and win a barnstormer shootout against the Los Angeles Rams, 38-34.

For those that love offense, this is the game for you. I think Seattle now knows what it is on offense. They have to be aggressive in tempo, be willing to take whatever defenses give, and they need Russell Wilson to be a dual threat the whole damn game. This means not allowing pass rushers to key on him when he is a pocket passer. I suspect they got this realized now, and Russell Wilson will have a signature game as a passer and runner. I’m here for it.

Defensively is going to be where the real adventure is for Seattle. This isn’t a great match to be without Carlos Dunlap and Darrell Taylor. Stafford has been getting the ball out quickly, too. I think the Seahawks will have to live and die with being more aggressive in coverage. Sometimes it might look great, but I think it’s probably also going to burn them some, as well.

I do think that at home with the Twelves, Seattle does enough in their pass rush to disrupt Stafford and get him uncomfortable, and I still just don’t believe in Stafford enough when the game is on the line. I think he’s prone to turnovers in those situations and I see those situations happening this Thursday night.

Get ready for a Ryan Neal interception that ignites the crowd and the team.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

Go Hawks.


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