Geno Time: A Seahawks Vs Steelers SNF Preview

Howdy Twelves!

Oh, the thoughts I have on these Seattle Seahawks right now. Before we begin with this SNF preview, I just wanted to point out the link above that is the latest episode of the Dorks On Sports podcast where we discuss the Seattle Kraken, life with Geno Smith as Seahawk QB1, thoughts on the Steelers match, the Jon Gruden mess, and then we spend a lot of time talking Ted Lasso (which will be spoiler stuff if you haven’t watched all the way through season two). Fun episode, good talks, gets a little raw in spots, but we always strive to keep it light as possible.

So, this game on Sunday Night Football, in Pittsburgh, against the Steelers, without Russell Wilson.

Okay, here’s what I’m thinking.

There are likely to be fans who are going to become increasingly more down on the Seattle Seahawks this year, and I sensed that happening well before the Russell Wilson finger injury.

I would love to call these folk fair weather fans, but I gotta be honest. I think there is likely to be an increasing portion of diehards who have been with this team for a very long time, such as myself, who might start turning away some, and it’s not just because this team will be without Russell Wilson for four to possibly eight weeks or more.

I think there’s likely a growing number of diehards who have just become exhausted in how the Seahawks ship as been run over the most recent few years. If Pete Carroll and Ken Norton’s defense continues to play at this historically bad pace, I would not blame a single soul from turning their heads away from that, especially in the excitement of Seattle now having an NHL team playing real games.

I will be watching these Seahawks closely, win or lose. I will be looking for whatever little victories come out of losses, and I will glow about whatever wins they can manage to pull off. My expectations for this team have fallen to a low that I haven’t felt since the 1990s, frankly.

So, I just want to see if Geno Smith can function and have success in this Shane Waldron offense, and whether third down efficiency will improve with a quarterback who will perhaps look more towards taking what is more available to him instead of seeking out the more dynamic play down field. Many think that has been a major issue with Russell Wilson. Let’s see if a lessor talent at quarterback creates a weird step forward in ways for the passing offense.

I want to see if second year defensive end/linebacker Darrell Taylor can expand his role and production as the leading sack earner for this defense. I’m eager for that.

I want to see if Pete Carroll can fix this horrific defense to serve as something that is at least functional. Right now, it’s not even that.

I want to see how Russell Wilson comes back as a passer, if watching the game on the sidelines gives him better insight into how Waldron wants to run this ship. Over five games, I’ve developed doubts about whether a Ram style offense that relies so much on quick timing throws is a fit for Russ. Going into the season, I thought it would be, but I’ve jumped off that ship. I would love to be proved wrong.

I would love to see Geno Smith win some games as Seattle’s QB1 and play well enough to show the league he can be a starter in this league. Personally, I think that would be a great story.

And finally, I would love to see Jamal Adams be put in a position on defense that better suits his skills so that he can have an impact on games. The way this team has been using Adams is the biggest disappointment for me, overall, through five games.

All that said, my expectations are pretty low for this team to win games now and it starts with this one against the dreaded Steelers this Sunday night.

Seahawks win this one by..

Geno Smith building off of his strong late second half outing against the Rams last week, and running an efficient offense that moves the sticks be mixing run with pass and getting the ball out accurately and quickly. This is ideally how an Rams style offense is supposed to run with Shane Waldron coming up to the PNW to install it. This is what Pete Carroll had hoped it would be for Russell Wilson. It’s about hitting receivers on quick patterns to slow pass rush and move the sticks. If Smith can run it close enough to how Carroll and Waldron want it to be, this gives Seattle a chance in this one.

Getting good production from Chris Carson and Alex Collins at running back against a good run defense. The Steeler defense is good and its strength appears to be against the run. This game will be a good test to see if Seattle can lean more into its run game without Russ running the show. Seattle has good guards to run behind, and I like the potential of mixing Carson with Collins. If they can get it going enough, Geno’s job probably becomes easier as a passer.

Carroll finally getting his defenders back on the same page in coverage, especially the middle of the field. As bad as the Seahawks defense has been in coverage, Carroll insists that it is all very correctable. The Steeler offense is not great. This might be a good opportunity for Jamal Adams, Jordyn Brooks, and Bobby Wagner to get their games turned around.

Stopping the run. The Steelers have a talented young running back in Najee Harris. As games have worn on, the Seattle defensive line has shown a predictable weakness against the run due to how light they appear at defensive tackle. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at this match up and predict the Pittsburgh will intend to lean into Harris to secure a home win. Seattle needs to take that run game away.

Seahawks lose this by..

Not getting their ground game going enough to take pressure off of Geno Smith against a quality Pittsburgh defense. Chris Carson and Alex Collins have to be productive and if they aren’t, this could get ugly early and stay ugly the whole way through.

Seattle not fixing their defensive issues with coverage and Ben Roethlisberger taking advantage. Big Ben isn’t the same player he once was, but he is still a very proven vet who has seen a lot of football. He’s probably licking his fingers looking at the footage of Seattle’s pass coverage this week. If Seattle doesn’t fix this defense, Seattle isn’t likely winning this game.


Sorry Twelves who believe Seattle has landed at a soft point in their schedule. Steelers are going to win this one handily, 24-17, I predict.

Unless Carroll gives into making Jamal Adams more of the blitzing in the box safety he was for this team last year, I don’t see Seattle turning a corner enough with this defense to pull off a win. Carroll seems intent on playing Adams back more (probably to help the corners), and that is taking away what is probably Seattle’s best weapon on defense. Until I see that change, I won’t believe it actually will.

Because Adams has been reduced to being a non weapon, I see the Steelers leaning in Harris knowing that Big Ben will find success against Seattle’s weak middle of the field coverage as the game wears on, and the Steeler defense being good enough to force Geno into a situation where he has to win this game with his arm.

Alas, the conclusion of this game will feel very anti Pete Carroll football. They will not have played good enough defense, and they will not have been able to lean into the run game enough due to being forced to chase points with unfavorable time left on the clock.

Hope I’m wrong.

But let us look for all those little victories.

Go Hawks!


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