Don’t Do Anything Stupid: A Seahawks Vs Jaguars Preview

Fabio of Football rolling with house money

Band Of Brothers is my all-time favorite mini-series. I’m going to guess that most who have watched this HBO show recounting true life events of a group of US infantry soldiers in Europe during WWII will know what I am talking about.

War is hell. That is mostly all that my father, a veteran infantry solder of the Korean War himself, would ever say whenever I would ask him about his experiences. He never wanted to talk about it.

One time, when I was much older and had a better sense of his perspective on the topic, I asked him what was the hardest part of being over there. Given the fact that he suffered severe injuries from hand grenade shrapnel, I anticipated he would open up about the day he received those injuries in combat. To my surprise, he opened up fairly easily to that question, but where he vividly went was somewhere I hadn’t considered.

He talked about when he earned enough combat points to finally be able to be sent state side for the remainder of his duty. At that point, he had gone from lowly private rank to being a squad leader sergeant, and he had to be replaced by another squad leader in order to leave. Squad leaders, apparently, were something hard to come by, and this process of finding a replacement for him took over a month.

In that period of wait, still serving at the front lines, the war became a psychological hell for him. He had never considered that he would make it out alive. Then he was faced with what could become a reality, but only if the US army could just find his replacement in time. Every day, things put him more on edge while he was responsible for leading young men against hostile enemy fire.

War is hell.

It is also extremely silly to use any war analogy with the game of American football, even though, undeniably, it can be an extremely violent sport. So, I am very aware that I am treading on thin ice when I’m about to use a sequence in Band Of Brothers as an analogy to compare it with these 2021 Seattle Seahawks, but here we go, anyways.

At a later point of this Band Of Brothers mini series, Lt Buck Compton started to psychologically reach his breaking point. The soldiers of Company C had endured a lot of combat against the very dug in Nazi forces, and a momentum shift towards the Allies still hadn’t been fully realized by the men tasked to fight at the front.

Buck reached a point where he simply didn’t want to see more of his men needlessly lost. It was an extremely relatable sequence to watch. He would visit each of his soldiers hunkered in their fox holes, have a quick check in, and he would finish by reminding them to make sure they “don’t do anything stupid.”

Part of me wonders if Pete Carroll has been legitimately suffering from some form of PTSD for years with the results of Super Bowl XLIX. Part of me wonders if this is why he has seemingly gotten more risk adverse year after year. It would honestly make a lot of sense to me. It was such a gut wrenching way to watch your team lose, and he was on the headsets allowing that particular pass play to happen.

So, honestly, I kinda think something like this came out of his mouth in the second half of the MNF game against the Saints: “Hey Shane, I know it’s third and two and we should probably throw it, but let’s not have Geno do anything stupid here. Let’s just run it, anyways.”

I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it.

“Please don’t do anything stupid” is a fair thing to request, but living in that fear, man, I don’t know if that’s what you want out of the leader of your organization.

Eventually, in the Band Of Brothers, Lt Buck broke down. He needed to be pulled off the front, and be replaced. He couldn’t function. Not a person alive in Company C faulted him for it. He was a good dude, a good leader. They loved him. He just saw too much.

But how about this game against these lowly Jaguars?

Seahawks win this game by..

Trusting Geno Smith enough to run some form of a modern style offense against a Jacksonville defense that isn’t very good and gives up passing yards. I think Pete took the offense out of Shane Waldron’s hands as a play-caller against the Saints on Monday night. He was having his Lt Buck moment by the third quarter, and it cost this team. Running the ball up the gut of a top defense on third and two was a coward play-call. There can’t be any excuses for it.

And it can’t happen again.

There should have been something in Waldron’s playbook that would have been an easy play for an NFL quarterback to run, even if he is a rusty backup. Pete’s got to let his men carry forth an effective game plan against a defense that is not great against the pass nor the run. Just get the fudge out of the way and let his play-caller dial up a modern offensive.

Play smart defense. This Jacksonville offense also isn’t very good. They are a bad passing offense missing their star receiver, but they have a great running back, and he can be a problem (sounds a lot like the Saints, honestly). The Seahawks defense could have a decent game again in this one, if they play smart. Don’t draw unnecessary penalties, don’t blow coverage, recognize the screen play, and stop James Robinson. If manage all this, Seattle can get this win.

Seahawks lose this one by..

Playing stupid and coaching cowardly.


In an adventurous outing, the Seattle Seahawks stave off the energized and refreshed Jacksonville Jaguars, winning this one, 24-21.

This won’t be a game that will give a lot of Seahawk fans much hope for this team to turn this ship around and make any late season playoff push. The Jaguars are coming into town rested off their bye week and they are smelling blood in the water where the Seahawks are swimming in a desperate attempt to get back on their life boat.

Seahawks need this win, and the Jaguars are playing with house money. I see the Jaguars giving this a good go. Trevor Lawrence was the top overall pick for a reason. Yes, he’s a rookie, but he’s better the Geno Smith. Urban Meyer is going to trust him more than Carroll will likely trust Smith. I think they score, but I also see them giving up the ball, and could easily put Seattle in easy scoring situations.

I see Seattle sneaking out this win, but I don’t see it as anything that will give the fans much hope for this team after the bye, especially if Russell Wilson won’t be ready, which I doubt he will be. This could feel like a win that will have a certain amount of fans thinking it would be better to have lost for better draft position next year. I can totally understand that reasoning.

But I’ve been dealing with my own set of Lt Buck Compton issues lately as a Twelve.

Go Hawks.


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