Seahawks Must Destroy Packers: A Good Versus Evil Preview

Booger Eating Know It All

Let me start this off by saying that I have been more critical about the Seattle Seahawks this year than I have in probably well over a decade. These 2021 Seahawks have been a challenging team for me to root for in many respects.

I thought we were supposed to see a quick tempo offense that was going to lean into Russell Wilson’s strengths as a thrower.

I thought we were going to see Russ routinely deliver quick passes instead of chasing after deep ones on third and short plays.

I thought I was going to continue to see Jamal Adams used as a third down pass rush specialist, which I thought was the main reason why they traded two first round picks for him.

I thought I would see John Schneider make a trade for Stephon Gilmore, and/or possibly sign Richard Sherman to fix obvious holes at corner.

I thought I would see a healthier and more impactful Chris Carson.

I thought we would finally see tight ends more involved.

I thought this defense was going to be good.

I thought that they were going to be able to persuade Odell to join Russ, but instead he joined the fricking Rams, even though Seattle supposedly offered more money. I don’t think we can say any longer that Pete Carroll is some master recruiter for available free agents, and that kind of blows.

Yeah, this has been a tough watch for me as a Twelve as these many things unfolded. The only thing that has kept me watching every play of every game is my relentless love of this team, and the fact train wrecks are kind of enthralling watches sometimes.

But screw Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay F’ing Packers.

Seattle must go into a stadium that they haven’t won at since 1999 this Sunday, and they must throttle this team and quarterback. It goes well beyond football, and it’s the right thing to do.

Aaron Rodgers is rotting chode of a human being. He’s as big of a know-it-all prick as you will find, and the worst kind of know it all prick is the one who is a high profile quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers has been thinking that the sun shines out of his butt hole since the peewee coach pointed at him and said “you play quarterback.” I have absolutely no doubt about that.

And apparently that Cal Berkley education of his has made him smarter than all the doctors and scientists that work for the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the FDA when it comes to vaccinating in order to curb Covid. Good to know.

I am not going to go deep into all the reasons why it is important for every eligible person with no preventing health condition to vaccinate against Covid. All the experts that work for these organizations listed above have stated very plainly why this is so important, and if you care, you can read up on it yourself from the experts in the field, or listen to them talk about it.. and not listen to some podcasting know nothing on YouTube share their views.

But quickly in a nutshell, if you have read along this far; we want to vaccinate to protect those most vulnerable against a disease that can mutate into more dangerous variants if it finds large breeding grounds of unvaccinated people to thrive in and get smarter. We vaccinate to protect children under the age of 5, and we vaccinate to protect people with underlined health conditions. In the bigger picture, we vaccinate so that we can get beyond Covid, so that it will eventually die off to a safe enough extent, and thus we can eventually return to more normal living.

But a super smart guy like Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get that, or more likely, doesn’t fucking care.

Why should he? He doesn’t have any young kids of his own. And if this dude has shun his own mother in Northern California, why would he ever give a shit about your vulnerable older family members?

The answer is simple. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t care, and really, apparently neither do the Green Bay Packers. The real rub in all of this recent gaga about him lying about his vaccine status is that all parties knew it was wrong all along. That’s why he misled and why the organization buried their heads in the sand.

Rodgers had every opportunity to be open and honest about his position on the vaccine like Carson Wentz did, Kirk Cousins did, and Cam Newton also did, but he chose to mislead. My best guess as to why is probably, most likely, vanity.

He’s engaged to a Hollywood actress, and he had a stint as the Jeopardy host in the off-season. He might see working in “the Industry” as something in his future beyond football, and I’m going to guess that hosting Jeopardy and taking a horse de-wormer to protect against Covid probably isn’t a great look in the minds of Hollywood power players who, you know, follow the advice of the CDC experts. So, he chose to lie in front a camera when pressed about it.

What really impresses me in the way that he went about it was the condescending way he called out others in the league for choosing to stay unvaccinated (as if he was). That’s some Grade A manipulation stuff right there.

And let’s be clear on this, taking a de-worming pill does not make you vaccinated against Covid. Saying that you are “immunized” after taking the stupid thing means diddly swat to containing the virus and slowing the spread. That’s why the experts who are studying the disease are saying to vaccinate, and don’t take the fucking de-wormer.

And let’s be clear on another thing. The league is not forcing players to be vaccinated, they are just making the unvaccinated persons go through extra hoops to make sure that everything is as safe as it can possibly be. Rodgers just didn’t want to go through those extra hoops. Instead, he is choosing to act like a Grade A Karen about it all to anyone who will listen.

Listening to him go from condescending and ultra defensive egotistical prick in interviews last week to some woe-is-me victim this week after Terry Bradshaw called out his bullshit on a NFL FOX broadcast is some serious Karen-esque privileged bullshit we’ve been seeing unfold in real time. There is no way for him to walk that stuff back now.

So, fuck Aaron Rodgers.

I hope he plays on Sunday and I hope Darrell Taylor hits him so hard on a pass rush that he shits himself right in the middle of Lambeau Field. Afterwards, I hope he pisses blood for a week, and I hope the Packers get their asses kicked at home in front of a sold out crowd by a Seahawks team that hasn’t been very good this year.

This isn’t about me being a part of cancel culture or the woke mafia, either. I’m about as much of a bleeding heart as Slayer is elevator music. There is nothing woke about following the urging of world renowned scientists. It’s the most practical thing to do.

But because some certain high profile dumb ass narcissistic political leader in a high office chose to create a pissing contest with these scientists, we unfortunately live in a society where doing the most practical thing against this disease is, in fact, fully politicized. That fucking sucks, and now Aaron Rodgers has kicked that whole hornets nest again.

Listening to him going on a media tour defending his actions is a total joke that, unfortunately, way too many listeners are going to buy into. Now science has to deal with Rodgers being a major miss-information spreader. Fantastic.

“Why should I follow the leagues rules when I don’t agree with them” is not a functional defense no matter how much of a condescending wise ass you come across saying it.

The Green Bay Packers should beat the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday if Aaron Rodgers plays and Russell Wilson plays. They are the better team, and they have a dominant home field advantage. Russell Wilson as always struggled there, even when healthy, and with better Seahawk teams around him. Before the season started, this is the game that I looked at, and thought it would probably be a pretty ugly one for Seattle. I wouldn’t be shocked if it proves true this Sunday.

But Good Christ in Heaven, the Seattle Seahawks absolutely must kick the holy living snot out of this team and quarterback this Sunday, if he’s playing. God yes. It’s the right thing to do.

So, go do it, Seattle. Kick their asses.


Go Hawks.


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