The NFL Hates The Seattle Seahawks And Gifted The Rams A 20-10 Win

Confederate of Dunces.

Dear National Football League,

Please pull down your pants, and undies, stick out your thumbs, sit on them, and spin. You suck, and I want you to sit with your thumbs up your ass pipes for the rest of the league year.

Look, there are things that the Seattle Seahawks did in this game to make it harder for them to win by chasing deep passes on third and manageable, not being able to properly cover the middle of the field, and calling a gutless run play on third and six with the game on the line, but make no mistake about it, you had your officials gift this win to the Los Angeles Rams, and it was obvious to all the eyes that watched.

There was a roughing the passer play on Greg Gaines that was a blatant no call. There was that stupid pass interference call against Bless Austin where he didn’t interfere, and when there was an actual PI happening on Deejay Dallas, your refs didn’t make that very obvious call when the game was on the line for Seattle.

I have one question for you.

What the actual fuck?

If you are going to stick your hands down our pants in your attempt to get the Rams into that Super Bowl in Los Angeles in a month and a half, at least give us free red zone passes for the rest of the year, or buy us some drinks first. That would be the more kindly thing to do.

And look, it’s not like I am a Seahawks fan who was expecting them to make a miracle run to save their season and finish 9-8. In fact, I wasn’t even expecting them to win this game.

What I do expect is that when I watch my team play, I don’t see such brazen lopsided officiating happening against them. I expect to see a fairly called game. It’s what any reasonable fan should expect.

Why this didn’t happen in this game, we cannot one hundred percent know the answer to, but we can easily guess what it could be. Mine is that you want to see the Rams in the Super Bowl.

You have been hyping up that team ever since the Matthew Stafford trade. The Super Bowl is in LA. Having a loss against the lowly Seahawks who might be staring at a rebuild next year would hurt their chances. Thus we, as Seahawk fans, had to sit through and watch your greedy little agenda unfold.

You suck.

I hope this little darling of a team that you have in La La Land loses badly in the playoffs because of all this. I hope Stafford throws three picks to a seventh seeded team, and they get bounced early.

I didn’t even care that much if my Seahawks had won this game. I think they need to go into next off-season doing a major retooling around Russell Wilson, and that is my sole priority for this club. They could win out, and I would feel the same.

But I just want you to know how much you suck right now as a league. You can’t handle Covid right, your brand sucks with the lack of consistent officiating, and your commissioner is going everything in his power to protect that horrible human being who owns the Washington Football Team with a congressional investigation breathing down is corrupt little neck.

Your are what your image says you are. You are fucking terrible.

So, fix it. Please.

Go Hawks.


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