Bear Hunting: A Seahawks Vs Bears Preview

Careful what you ask for if you want Russell Wilson traded

Dear Seattle Seahawk Fan,

Weird time we’re in with Seattle officially earning a losing season for the first time in the Russell Wilson era. Strange days, indeed.

This was not the scenario I was envisioning for these Seahawks after their decisive on the road victory over the Colts when the 2021 NFL season kicked off. Far from it, actually.

But as we all know, shit happened, and perhaps nothing more shittier happened than the officiating in that game Tuesday night against the LA Rams, and if you are like me, you’re likely still angered by that shit show staring the zebras. What a turd sandwich to have to bite on and taste as a Seahawk fan.

I honestly had no expectation that Seattle was going to win that game heading in, either. Sean McVay has always had a sound answer for beating Pete Carroll’s defense, and Aaron Donald is absolutely Russell Wilson’s kryptonite, and Russ wasn’t going to have Tyler Lockett, who is clearly his security blanket these days in Shane Waldron’s offense. I saw little scenarios available for Seattle to pull off that win.

So, when they had their chances to pull off the upset in the fourth quarter, even with Russ having his usual piss poor outing against these Rams, and the flipping refs legitimately took those chances away, I got a bit testy, and I had a crap night trying to sleep. I found it so upsetting that I am allowing it to spill into this preview of the match against the Bears.

Honestly, I’m still pissed. With so much that has been built up for this season for Seattle with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll and whether or not they can continue to co-exist beyond 2021, I personally would have loved to have seen them finish out the year on a win streak that, even if it ultimately didn’t lead to a playoff appearance, it would give the sense that maybe there exists the wee possibility that the band could stay together in 2022, and beyond.

Now it feels more certain than ever that it won’t likely happen, and who even knows what will come out of it. Seahawks Twitter right now seems increasingly favoring a Russell Wilson trade to the Giants for their two first round picks and change. I maintain, that even though he has struggled with his consistency as a passer going back to the second half of last year, if teams are willing to enter into a bidding war for his services by offering Seattle a fortunate of first round picks and players, that, in and of itself, tells me Seattle still has a huge advantage in this league of having a top end passer, and that they should hang onto him, and just make him happy. If I were to bet what is going through Jody Allen’s mind, and where she’s leaning in all of this, that’s where I would place my money, but we will all see soon enough.

So, yeah, enough of that. Bring on the Bears!

They suck. They don’t have a quarterback and their roster is old. That’s why they were desperate last year to trade for Russ and they offered Seattle three first round picks and a third and supposedly Khalil Mack and another starter of Seattle’s choice. When Seattle turned that offer down, that’s why they desperately moved up in the draft to take Justin Fields, who is a raw rookie passer that has only thrown 7 touchdowns this year to his 10 interceptions. Those are some dead on Rick Meyer passing numbers right there for you, and if you are too young to know that name, I invite you to look it up.

In fact, if you are a Twelve that favors Seattle hanging onto Pete Carroll and trading Russell Wilson to the Giants for their picks, and then drafting a quarterback to play on a cheap rookie deal, then I invite you to watch these Bears closely because that is likely what Seattle will be next year in a tough division that features the Rams, 49ers, and Cardinals. Seattle has a lot of age on it’s roster, and not enough good young talent behind it. That’s a bad recipe for throwing in a rookie passer, and expecting him to succeed anytime soon, if at all.

The Bears are a bad red zone team on offense and defense. They don’t score a lot of points down there, and they have trouble stopping others from scoring. They are a bad passing team (see rookie quarterback). They run the ball okay, but they are terrible at stopping the run.

This should be a good match for Seattle to exercise the demons of the Rams game out of their bodies and have a day on a snowy Boxing Day. Expect Rashaad Penny and Deejay Dallas to have a game running the ball. Expect Russell Wilson to have a good bounce back game even with a gimpy ankle. Expect the Seattle defense to continue to play pretty good football.

I see Seattle winning this one pretty easily with a final score being something like 24-13, and the game won’t ever feel as close as the final score will indicate.

There’s a lot on the line still for Seahawk players to play for. There are a lot of veteran starters set to be free agents after the season, and they want to show on tape they deserve a big pay day. Russ wants to show the league he is still elite. Carroll wants to prove that he can still coach his ass off.

These Seattle Seahawks are going to show a lot of fight through these next three games, and it starts on Sunday. So, there we have it.

Happy Holidays, and go Hawks!

PS: If you are still reeling over the refs in that Rams game on Tuesday, have I got the Dorks On Sports Episode for you to enjoy in the link below. We bravely go NFL deep state. Go Hawks!


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