Rams Win Super Bowl, Great! Now Blow It Up

I see you, 11

Dear Los Angeles Sports Fan,

Congratulations on your seventh favorite team in town (behind the Lakers, Dodgers, Trojans, Bruins, Kings, and the Sparks) for winning the Super Bowl that your town just hosted. I’m sure that was a big deal for you!

I know that it was probably, most certainly, highly important for the National Football League to have your seventh favorite team in town win this big show. After all, the league needs the Rams to jump ahead of the Sparks and Kings to at least be the fifth most popular LA team among fans. After all, there is millions if not billions of dollars at stake for the revenue to be generated down there, and spread among all these billionaire owners that need more money.

In fact, I would venture to say that having professional football not become successful in a second attempt inside your market would be an incredibly embarrassing look for a league that loves to think of itself as King Of All Sports In America. So, I guess I should be really happy for the league, as well.

Good job, NFL!

And look, I get your eye rolls that might be rolling right now, if you think I am suggesting that there was shenanigans happening with the refs and the flags in the final minutes of the game that may or may not have involved a call from the league offices. Don’t worry. I am nowhere going to suggest that there was any sort of NFL Deep State involvement at that final juncture of an ever so close ball game for, you know.. the title.

I’m just going to suggest that, in a way where it seemed like the refs were good to let players play through contact that looked like maybe holds on defense (and even facemasks on offense), it was more than a bit interesting that flags started to fly when your team got into the red zone for a go ahead score. Yeah, that was quite interesting.

I mean, I have looked at the replay of that supposed Logan Wilson interference inside the ten over and over again, and I just don’t see it. What I do see on that play is the right side of your line false starting in front of the line judge and no penalty being called for that offensive infraction.

So, I guess that whole thing is all sorta curious for me, but you know.. no harm no foul, right?

Good thing that I’m not a Bengals fan. Otherwise, I think I would be mightily pissed right now and I would have to shopping online for a new television set.

But that is neither here nor there. Congratulations, again, on winning that Super Bowl.

As a life long Washingtonian, I’m really happy for Cooper Kupp. Dude’s a legit baller and I’m annoyed my Seahawks didn’t think to draft him when they could have.

Now, you have to blow the whole thing up down there. I’m not saying that to be mischievous either. I’m saying it in very pragmatic terms.

Your team is projected to be nearly $11 million dollars over the salary cap in 2022, and you have a boat load of starters poised to hit free agency. Even if your superstar defensive tackle Aaron Donald retires, his expensive contract off the books isn’t going to get your team under the salary cap in order to retain any of your free agents. Therefor, your team’s general manager is going to have to cut some other talents to make that happen, and the likelihood of being able to retain Von Miller, Darious Willliams, OBJ, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Brian Allen, Austin Corbett, Sony Michel, and others is going to prove quite difficult.

And with my man Cooper Kupp’s contract coming up around the corner, as well, that’s going to cost your team a fortune, as well.

This is not going to be easy waters to get through by any stretch, and I would say that you would be able to find some relief through the NFL draft this Spring to replace some of this talent, but your team traded most of their picks away to acquire Matthew Stafford and Von Miller.

Because of these bold moves to go all in on winning the whole enchilada this year, your team won’t be picking until the very end of round three where immediate impact cheap rookie talent will be long gone, and probably drafted by like, say, Seattle.

Your team might have to trade expensive prime talent just to get further under the cap and to get higher picks in order to fill out your roster. That’s a pickle.

When I look at all of this, I can see why Sean McVay, at a young age, might want to walk away and start a family with a much easier job of doing broadcasting for some major network. I mean, he certainly has the look for it, and he’s in the right market. It would be a super easy transition, and he will avoid the shame of maybe being beaten by Pete Carroll twice in a season for the first time in his coaching career while working with a gutted roster.

Never fear on your next head coaching search, though. I hear Brian Flores is looking for a gig, and so is Eric Bieniemy. As far as I can tell, those are two outstanding coaching men of color that would satisfy the Rooney rule. Go get one of those dudes, if McVay decides to bolt like a frat kid leaving a crime scene.

But you got to blow that thing up now, right?

Yeah, you gotta.

You can trade Leonard Floyd, and save about $7 million. You might get a high third round pick for him, or a late second rounder.

If you want to go bolder, you can bite the bullet and trade Stafford to a quarterback hungry team like Denver. That would save you $23 million and give you the ability to sign some of your players back, and a first round pick to draft and develop an inexpensive quarterback. That actually might be the way to go about it all.

But you got to blow it up, and since this team is only your seventh favorite team in town, I’m sure that there won’t be that much heartache involved.

Either way, I’m here for you. I gotcha.

But big congrats!

Go Hawks.


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