It’s The DK Metcalf Show Now And Training Camp Observations For The Seahawks

A few months ago, I was driving southbound on I-5 through Seattle on a busy afternoon, and as I decided to get off on the freeway onto the 4th Avenue exit, I noticed a rather grim sight. There, at Lumen Field, the two gigantic murals of Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner were taken down, and there was nothing in their place.

I thought to myself, “who do the Seattle Seahawks even put up there now?”

Only the name of one player immediately came into my mind, and that was DK Metcalf.

This is when I knew that the Seattle Seahawks weren’t going to trade him. There’s no other player on their roster that has superstar potential that they can market after moving on from Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

Not Tyler Lockett, Rashaad Penny, Jordyn Brooks, Jamal Adams, or even Quandre Diggs. Not that these guys aren’t bad players. They’re all very good, but they aren’t superstars. Not like DK is becoming.

Don’t believe me? Even Hollywood is seeing is star potential these days as he’s set to star in a Paramount feature film.

Right now, DK Metcalf is the Seahawks’ best shot at having a bright young face of the franchise player. So when the deal was announced on Thursday, while I was definitely joyed at the news, I wasn’t surprised. This was a deal the Seahawks had to do.

Some fans will clench their hands over the cost, and they will say that he isn’t a top five receiver in this league, and this team is being foolish. I am not one of those.

I see DK Metcalf as an ascending talent who’s best football is still ahead of him. From a physicality perspective, the only other Seattle sports athlete that I can think to compare him to is Sonics legend Shawn Kemp. Kemp was a physical nightmare in his prime with rare size and speed and power. This is very much DK Metcalf, for me.

What Seattle needs to do now is let him take over like the Sonics eventually did with Kemp. They need to go get him a point guard at quarterback like Kemp had with Gary Payton. I am positive that is the plan moving forward.

In the meantime, let him be this team’s leader, and face for now. He’s freakishly talented, and highly marketable.

I was at Seahawks training camp this Saturday, and I saw DK jerseys everywhere. All eyes where on him, and the crowd cheered at his catches in traffic. There’s a buzz about him, and there’s a air of confidence that he now carries with him on the practice field. He knows he’s the man.

And let’s see what this season brings us at the end. Maybe, someone else will emerge along with him as a new star. Maybe it’s defensive end Darrell Taylor taking the next step. Maybe it’s Rashaad Penny, or Ken Walker toting the ball. Maybe, it’s even Drew Lock, or Geno Smith, as wild as that might sound.

But for right now, there’s only one certainty. This team belongs to DK. There’s no Russ for him to be a little brother towards, and there’s no Bobby for him to gain sage advise, either.

Now, it’s time for DK to be that guy, the bigger brother offering support to others. This is on him now. That’s what that massive 3 three year extension means. He has to be the guy.

Personally, I think he’s ready for it. In fact, I know he is.

DK is many things. He’s a surviver, a thriver, and he’s a disco diver.

No, he’s not a disco diver. I just thought it would be funny to throw that in to see if you’ve been napping.

All seriousness, I think this is his time, and I am personally ready for it. I need new blood stepping forward with this team, and I can’t see anyone more better suited to do that now than DK Metcalf.

People will joke about who he’s got at quarterback (and they are), but the truth is that a guy like DK Metcalf is going to make any quarterback’s job easier. This is partly why I am not sweating Seattle’s quarterback situation much this year. I’m willing to see what happens, and I happen to love that fact that DK will be a big part of this show for the next four years.

This was a no brainer move by this team. They locked up their best playmaker. Now, go figure out the point guard for him.

And just throw him that damn slant pass over the middle and watch him beast defenders into oblivion. Do this, Drew, or Geno, or whomever.

Observations from Seahawks training camp practice on Saturday July 30th

A lot of stuff has been made about the two quarterbacks battling for the starting job in Seattle, and how poor they had looked at the start of camp. The Sports Radio 710 morning host in Seattle has had a good time ripping on how bad of a throw and decision Drew Lock made at the end of their first practice last Wednesday. Others have pointed to how rough Thursday was for Geno Smith, fumbling the ball multiple times in his quest to hold Lock off.

Of course, we all know what the national media take is on Seattle’s quarterback situation. They all think Pete Carroll is absolutely bat shit for not going and getting Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo.

Well, I’m no QB guru, or anything close to that, but from what I watched from the blazing hot hillside of the VMAC Saturday afternoon, I thought both quarterbacks did well at various points. I thought Geno Smith had a good command of the offense, and had an obvious connection with DK and Tyler Lockett, but I thought Drew Lock started to look better as the scrimmaging drills went on.

I thought Lock had the best throw of the day, zipping a perfect back shoulder throw that was caught for a score against tight coverage. He also showed good movement and a willingness to run, along with some nice passes over the middle on shallow crossers (something we have seen Russell Wilson do very little of over the last few years).

From what I see of the quarterbacks, Geno is clearly ahead, but Lock looks intriguing enough to want to see more of him with the starters. I can see this battle going right down to the end of the preseason. I also think it’s possible that whomever the starter is, Seattle’s QB situation may not be as bad as some radio voices are making it seem like it is, but we will see.

In our rookie watch, I thought three guys really stood out to me on Saturday.

Ken Walker looks special at running back with how he cuts and how fast he is. It was interesting to se how effective he was running through traffic inside.

Left tackle Charles Cross stoned Seattle’s best pass rusher in Darrell Taylor on a play, and rendered him useless. He looked decent in run blocking as well, but he did have one false start. Cross looks promising. This is a big deal.

The biggest play of any rookie came from cornerback Cobe Bryant, though. In defending a twenty yard sideline throw from Drew Lock to tight end Colby Parkinson, Bryant timed his leap perfectly to rip the ball out of Parkinson’s hands for what looked like was going to be an easy touchdown grab. That play wowed the crowd, and erupted the defensive sideline. I like the potential of this guy a lot.

Backup safety Josh Jones made a good physical play on a deep pass from Geno Smith, and ripped the ball away from the receiver for an INT.

Rashaad Penny looks big and FAST at running back. I’m maybe most excited about what Penny and Walker do at running back this year. Both were making plays as runners and pass catchers.

The starting pass rushing DL looks like Darrell Taylor and Uchenna Nwosu as the ends, and Quinton Jefferson and Shelby Harris at the tackles. Nwosu looked especially quick off the edge.

And finally, Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf looked like absolute studs together at receiver. Lockett and Geno had a definite vibe going on in the red zone drills. This left me with the prevailing thought that maybe Seattle could be a sneaky team this year, if the chips fall right. Wouldn’t that be fun if they were?

Go Hawks


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