Letting Geno Cook: A Seahawks Vs Falcons Preview and Prediction

Bird Battle!

Somewhere between the arrogance of Russell Wilson needing to chuck it deep, and the ultra safe dink and dunkness of Geno Smith exists the perfect quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Right now, we got Geno, and I got his back, but like Coach Carroll recently said, we gotta open it up.

Because, here’s the real deal. Our Seattle Seahawks are paying DK Metcalf too much money for them not to be making him the focal point down field, and taking advantage of his size and skills against smaller defenders. Even if it doesn’t lead to a completion, it will keep any defense honest, if they feel like that threat is genuinely there at any point.

Last Sunday, the 49er defense did not fear that. They knew what Seattle was going to do, and they played stingy against the run, and were very ready for Geno’s short passing. Pete Carroll knows that other defenses will look to do the same if Seattle doesn’t open it up deep.

Expect Seattle to do exactly that against the Falcons this Sunday. It won’t just be to DK either. I suspect we see the tight ends getting more involved again down field, as I would think we will see Marquise Goodwin be more active. as well. Seattle has too much speed to not test safeties more, and while Geno isn’t Russ, he is fully capable to throwing a pretty spiral down field.

This is a good matchup against a middling Falcon defense to get that done. It’s not a defense nearly as good as Seattle has faced with San Francisco or Denver. Therefore, this is spot in the schedule for Seattle to flip the script.

So, I am penciling this down as a get-right-at home game for this 2022 Seahawk offense. In fact, I’m saying book it, even though they will be without starting center Austin Blythe (which, admittedly, the idea of his absence is a bit nerve racking).

Also, in that, I think we see Seattle finally getting Rashaad Penny and Ken Walker going. Make no mistake, while Carroll talked about opening up the passing attack, what he really wants is for his run game to become a big time factor again. It should happen in this game.

If you have Penny on your fantasy team, I think you want to play him this week. He’s due.

Who know who’s also due this Sunday? The Seahawk defenders coming out with their hair on fire against the run.

I see the Seattle defense doing a much better job at tackling and being stouter in this one. Again, they aren’t facing San Francisco’s dominant offensive line and exotic run game. Therefore, this is their get right game because, well, frankly, it has to be, and here’s why.

After the debacle in Santa Clara, I’m sure some defenders are on notice. If they can’t stay discipline and determined against the run, Clint Hurtt and Pete Carroll will put players in the field who will. Carroll already mentioned he would like to see edge defender Darrell Johnson get into the game more because of his stouter play against the 49er run game.

I think that was a message to Darrell Taylor, and I expect him to step up and play more to his potential this week. I think Jordyn Brooks and Cody Barton will bounce back, as well.

I’m am so confident in this, I am not even going to waste space typing up keys to the game.

You want some keys to the game? Here’s some.

Run the damn ball like it’s your DNA to do it. Test the Atlanta defense down field with that big athletic freak who wears number 14. Fit your gaps, get off your blocks, and tackle like the ball carrier stole your momma’s purse and gave her a black eye.

In the end, I see Seattle walking away with a satisfying 27-24 win.

I think Atlanta will get some of theirs with their two young high profile targets in Drake London and Kyle Pitts, but it won’t be enough. I think Seattle gets to a lead, and holds onto it.

In the closing minutes, it wouldn’t shock me if Altanta scores against a prevent defense to make the final score more respectable, but this games end on Geno Smith taking kneel downs, and the Seahawks get to 2-1 in this young season.

At least, that’s what I’m pretty sure will happen.

Go Hawks.


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