Go Time: A Cardinals Vs Seahawks Preview

The Seattle Seahawks have the best DVOA offense in the NFL right now. Through five games, they also have the highest rated quarterback in the league by Pro Football Focus. Their defense, however, is miserable; second to last, in fact.

The Arizona Cardinals lack the offensive explosion that they had last year at this time. Their quarterback, while still dangerous, has been more up and down. They also have a defense that hasn’t been very good. Without Chandler Jones, they have had a hard time generating a pass rush, and their corners haven’t been covering well enough.

Seahawk fan is probably looking the Seahawk defense right now, seeing the match up with Kyler Murray, and is thinking “oh no.”

Cardinal fan is probably looking at the Cardinals coming to Seattle with a defense that doesn’t pass rush very well, and is looking at the Geno Smith feel good story and is thinking “f’ing hell..”

It’s time, folks. It’s time for one of these teams to show that they are worthy of competing for this NFC West division. We can all see how good San Francisco is with that defense and ground game. Between the Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks, which 2-3 team right now wants to hang with them?

I am going to do the homer-est homer-y homeric thing that a homer could ever homey with, and say that this is the time my Seattle Seahawks kick it in the ass, and finally play some better defense. They have to do it.

The Vegas odds makers currently have Arizona favored in this game by 2.5 points. These are the same disrespecting dill weeds who had the Detroit Lions beating Seattle by double digits two weeks ago. It’s time for the Seahawk defenders to situate themselves in a manner to which they rub these odds makers noses in it like a bad puppy who went number two on a Persian carpet.

I’m saying the Seahawks win this thing at home 31-27 over the Cardinals. I think we see some better play out of the Seattle defense in this one, and I think Geno and the offense stays the course enough, even with the bummer loss of Rashaad Penny for the year.

Why am I so optimistic about this Seahawk defense that hasn’t stopped the run well or the pass?

That’s a good question.

It’s a vibe!

That’s correct. I’m going entirely off a blindly hopeful hunch that is supported be zilch zip nada no analytic data, or on field eye test whatsoever.

As bad as this defense was last week against the Saints, I got a sense that things were turning a wee bit. The rookie corners looked a bit sharper. Jordyn Brooks was laying more forceful hits. Ryan Neal looked better at safety.

I think with a bit more tweaking with the defense, and fitting it better to the talent on this roster, Clint Hurtt is going to get this thing turned around. Is it a 3-4 or a 4-3, or a 5-2? I don’t frankly care as long as it gets better this week, which I think it does.

I think in this one, Seattle is going to show the Twelves a better tackling effort. I just feel it in my homer bones. They’re going to get after it better. They are going to get off their blocks and they are going to tackle better in space. Kyler Murray will get his, but it won’t be enough. Not in this one.

Why you ask?

Because Geno Smith is going to Geno F’ing Smith once and again, and continue his war path showing the league that it gave up on him way too early as a starter. Bet on that one, Vegas.

I also think DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and the wonderful trio of Seahawk tight ends are going to have a day. I think DeeJay Dallas and Ken Walker III are going to have one, too.

Seahawks win this one. Book it. Take it to the bank and cash it in, and buy yourself that moose hunting trip to Alberta. Seahawks win.

Go Hawks.


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