These Seattle Seahawks Are Good: A Smackdown Of The LA Chargers In Review.

True Grit

Forget what you thought you knew about these 2022 Seattle Seahawks. You were likely dead wrong.

Geno Smith is a WAY BETTER starting quarterback than you ever imagined he would be.

He is also supported by an offensive line that is better than you thought it could be, too.

And that 41st pick of the 2022 NFL Draft that you believed was a foolishly wasted away on a running back simply because you bought into the toxic nature of some data dork who spews tweets about how much running games suck in this modern age of football? Yeah, turns out that this Ken Walker III kid is pretty damn incredible with the football in his hands. You were dead wrong about burning that pick on a back, too. STOP LISTENING TO ANGRY NERDS!

Most of all, though, you were dead wrong about Pete Carroll being some dinosaur who couldn’t coach anymore, and lost his mojo about coaching up a defense. For two weeks in a row, the Seattle Seahawks beat two quality opponents who are KNOWN FOR THEIR OFFENSES by playing good defense.

Face it, you know nothing about football like you think you know, and that’s okay. Once you embrace this singular truth about yourself, you can begin to let go, and just.. enjoy.

These 2022 Seattle Seahawks are fun. Enjoy the fun, if you are a fan of them.

It’s fun watching Darrell Taylor regaining confidence as a pass rusher while gathering strip sacks two weeks in a row.

It’s fun watching rookie corner Tariq Woolen mature more week to week in front of our eyes while continuing to make plays in the secondary.

It’s fun witnessing Geno Smith’s continued steady, gutsy, and efficient play at quarterback.

It’s fun watching Colby Parkinson’s flowing locks as he rambles down the sideline on a big catch and run play.

It’s fun watching Ken Walker III showing us all why it is still worth drafting a running back within in the top 50 picks of the NFL draft.

It is fun watching Pete Carroll coaching up his young underdog team, and having a blast on the sidelines.

This was a fun game to watch. Was it the prettiest, or cleanest game? No, but it was gutsy, and fierce, and dynamic. I will take this against a quality opponent on the road anytime.

Seattle’s defense didn’t flinch against wonder kid quarterback Justin Herbert. They harassed him, picked him off, and made throws hard to complete. Most impressively, though, they did this by largely taking away his best weapon in running back Austin Ekeler.

For two games now, the Seahawk defense feels like they have turned the corner from being horrible, to becoming dangerous. By changing up how they attack the gaps up front, they are playing faster, more decisive, and more together.

There will be another big test for them next Sunday against the NY Giants, but I wouldn’t bet against this squad playing the G-Men tough in that one, too. I know confidence when I see it. These Seattle defenders are playing confidently now.

I also know grittiness whenever I see it, and you know who’s a really gritty player for these Seattle Seahawks right now?

Geno F’ing Smith. In this game, Geno Smith had one of the grittiest moments I’ve seen in a quarterback in a long while.

Well into the second half of this game, he had the Seattle offense driving and on a third a reasonable situation, it appeared like a Charger defender jumped offsides, but a ref blew the play dead when it should have been a free play for the offense. For some weird, mindless, almost demonically possessed reason, the ref called a bogus false start on Seattle center Austin Blythe, and Geno lost his shit. The replay clearly showed that Blythe didn’t move his body, and when Geno pleaded the case, the ref decided to get into a yelling match with him, and Carroll had to calm Geno down. Then on third and long, Geno threw a laser dart to Tyler Lockett against tight coverage for a first down right in the face of that gawd awful official who must have fart pooped himself in the aftermath.

That’s gritty football right there. That was as fun for me to watch as Ken Walker’s long 74 yard touchdown run that slammed the door in the face of any chance the Chargers had to mount a fourth quarter comeback.

A 32 year old former backup quarterback who fans and pundits scoffed at all preseason long, and a running back who was taken in the second round of this latest draft are both two HUGE reasons why Seattle is 4-3 right now, and in first place in the NFC West. This is indisputable, and yet, it is also really fun.

So, unless you are a negative nilly fan of this team who just hates to be proved wrong, enjoy these games, and these wins when they happen.

If this team isn’t perfect, that’s okay. They are playing six rookies in significant roles this year. They have changed to a new defensive scheme that has taken time settle in with the talent on the roster.

This team has talent, though. They’re getting surprisingly good play at quarterback, and that should be celebrated. They have playmaking talent on offense, and some fascinating young talent on defense.

Are they a real playoff contending team this year? Maybe!

This NFC is wide open right now. The Rams aren’t what they were last year. Green Bay, the Bucs, and the 49ers are currently struggling. There are games on Seattle’s schedule that suddenly feel more winnable.

All, I know is that I am going to have a lot of fun watching these Seahawks this year. I like this squad. These are fun guys to root for.

With the whole dark cloud that hung over this team the past couple years that created division with fans and local media, I am relieved to feel like it has passed beyond the rear view mirror. The coach and the quarterback of this team are in lock step with each other, and the philosophy is secure.

And if you were one of those types who needed to rip on Pete Carroll and John Schneider, and needed to trash Geno Smith, and had to have a shit fit over the drafting of Ken Walker III in round two, I hope you can let some of that go now. It’s okay to be wrong, and it’s good to let go.

Go Hawks.


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