Now Time: A Seahawks Vs Rams Preview

Sitting before the Seattle Seahawks is now a great opportunity. Entering December, they have six games remaining in their schedule, and they are in playoff contention. If you would have asked me if I would be willing to take this at the beginning of the season, my answer would be “hell f’ing yes.”

These last two games have not gone well for them, however. They have regressed on defense in a way in which they can neither stop the run, nor the pass, and they can’t seem to get a good pass rush going, either. Offensively, they haven’t been good in the trenches, and Geno Smith and their rookie runner K9 have taken some beatings. In fact, it feels like K9 has possibly hit his rookie wall.

Instead of putting forth a gloom and doom ditty on the state of the Seahawks, I will flip this positively. I think they are faced with a grand opportunity through these final six games to turn it around, and get back to playing better ball, and winning games again.

I think now is the time for Clint Hurtt to prove that he is, in fact, a worthy NFL defensive coordinator. In his attempts to bring a multiple looking defensive that is supposed to bring pressure and better disguise coverages, he should now know through these last eleven games what is working, and what isn’t. His defense had a bad stretch early, they adjusted their scheme to have a great four game run, and now they are in the midst of another bad two game stretch again. While I remain somewhat skeptical of what his vision might be for this unit, I would love nothing more than Hurtt to shatter my skepticism as a coordinator, and get his defenders back to doing what they were when they beat the Cardinals twice and good clubs in the Chargers and Giants. This is now his time to do just that.

This is also a great time for the offensive get get back on track with it’s ground game, and for offensive line coach (and run game coordinator) Andy Dickerson to get his linemen blocking better again for K9 like they were through the first nine games of the season. We have seen what this offense can do on the ground and it is very good. It is time to recommit to that style of play in order to balance out the steady production of Geno Smith and the passing attack.

Most most of all, it is now time for Geno Smith to prove that he is more than an NFL feel good story as a starting quarterback, and show the world through this final stretch of games that he is a franchise quarterback here to stay. He already has me convinced of that, but I understand his remaining doubters. While I see little reasons to criticize him greatly during this losing streak, I can concede that he could have been more clutch at the end of the game against the Raiders. I’ve also sensed through these last two games, him possibly pressing for the bigger play a bit more instead of choosing to take what is there. He can be better, and this is a great time for him to be just that.

The Los Angeles Rams present a great start for them to turn this ship around on offense, and especially on defense. They are a banged up shadow of their Super Bowl winning self. While their defense remains good, their offense is in shambles.

Now is the time that Clint Hurtt takes advantage of a lesser opponent across from his defense, and he has this unit attacking again instead of maybe playing more passively up front. He needs to allow his defensive tackles to attack the gaps like they did in October into early November. No more two gapping read and react stuff. Attack!

Offensively, get that run game going. Get K9 back on track with decisive running, and take the pressure off of Geno Smith feeling like he needs to carry this team to victory. There is no Aaron Donald on this defense right now, and while they still has great talents like Bobby Wagner (weird as f*** to even say that) and Jalen Ramsey, there is no reason why Seattle can’t get back on track, if they can clean things up better up front. Now is there time to do it against these Rams.

Will they?

Yes, they will. They will do this because they have to, and an illness going around the locker room cannot be an excuse not to do it. Time to suck it up, and seize the day. I know it, they know it, and now you know it, too.

I’m going to project a comfortable Seahawk win this Sunday. Yes, I’m a homer, and I have been doing this all season, but I am 6-5 in my predictions and the last time I checked, that’s a winning record. So, stick that in your glass pipe of doubt and smoke it.

Predicting scores is dumb. I don’t know why I do it, but I have this compulsion. Therefore, I’m going to say Seattle finds a way of beating LA in this one, 24-13.

It may not feel like an offensive juggernaut sorta day, but I think it will feel like a steadier one. Geno stays his Steady Eddy self with support a nice effort on the ground by K9 getting on track, and having us feel like he’s on his way to Offensive Rookie Of The Year again.

Defensively, is where we see Seattle really get back on track. I think they attack more at the line of scrimmage. I think we see sacks and turnovers created, and we get back to stopping the run. I think they do this because they have to do it, and because they can. We have seen them do it before.

It’s now time for them to do it again.

Go Hawks!


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