Dearest Seahawks, Please Beat The 49ers!

Rise, oh Great One. Rise.

My Dearest Seattle Seahawks,

I know this last month of football has been a tough one for you. It’s been a tough one for me, as well.

I just want you to know, once again, that I am one of your biggest, bestest, most true blue fans out there. I emotionally ride and die with you every football week, and you are the only team I follow devotedly through each and every off-season. I have been doing this since 1983.

You see, I remember who Sam Merriman was, and how many Seahawk bloggers can throw that name out there?

Yup, Imma middle aged dork who has next to no life outside of being a fan of yours. I’ve created this blog entirely for my devotion towards you, and yes, I do understand just how creepy that sounds typing it out, but it is what it is. I am here for you, always.. and forever.

So, look, I know that y’all have been having a lousy time stopping the run for the past four games. I mean, honestly, I haven’t seen a run defense this bad in Seattle in probably twenty years or so, and I have certainly never see a Pete Carroll defense so easily gashed apart like this.

Having said that, I got a big ask. I mean, it’s a biggie.

Please beat the stinking 49ers this Thursday night. I just really need this one.

Without spilling into all of the details, I’ve had a tough month. My hopes for you guys making a playoff push in December has been kinda one of the things holding it together for me, and seeing you drop this last game against Carolina the way you did was a pretty tough swallow, if I am being completely honest.

So I just think a really awesome remedy for that would be to go out onto the field Thursday night at Lumen when nobody is expecting it, and you just stun the 49ers on National TV. That would be awesome for all of us Twelves.

At this stage of the season, I am not expecting miracles that you are going to turn your defense into some dominant group and win out with it, but I would just love to see it show up like it did in October against the Cardinals and Chargers and Giants. I would love to see you get into the playoffs, but really, I would honestly just take you beating this one team, if you only have one win left in you for this season.

I still believe you have it in you to win more than one more game, but I have to be protective with my expectations now. I hope you understand that. Shame on me once for thinking you would bury the Bucs, shame on me twice for thinking you would do it to the Raiders, as well. Shame on me thrice for thinking you would handle the Panthers.

I can’t deal with anymore shame. So now, I’m just resorting to begging on the internet.

Please, pretty please take it to these punky 49ers. When they come rolling in with that fancy shmancy ground game, please just smack them in the chops.

Everyone loves this Brock Purdy guy now, but Geno Smith is the real deal in the NFC West, and on national television, it would be great to remind everyone about that again. Please give Geno more of a run game, and please have Geno play is ass off in this one, guiding us to victory over this awful bitter foe (who were named after a bunch of murderous greedy white dudes in the 1800’s who killed a lot of Native Americans, by the by).

But please, for the love of everything Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, and Cliff Avril, if anything, please play your asses off on defense. Get fired up! Know how Kyle Shanahan is going to attack you, and have answers! Show the world your want to!

Bow up, and dig deep, and play big boy football for all four full quarters, and don’t let up. Pretty please, do this.

I want to see your corners hitting and tackling like linebackers, and I want to see your linebackers hit like eighty mile an hour freight trains, and I want to see your defensive tackles destroy their blockers.

Go get it done.

If you do this, and pull this off, the season is still yours for the taking. The momentum off of this sort of win can carry your forward into more victories. You can make the playoffs, and still maybe win this division.

It can be there for you, but you gotta make it happen. So, please do this.

A win against the 49ers will clear the stink away from the losses to the Panthers and Raiders. You would be 8-6 and you would have a nice break to heal up for the final three games.

So, pretty, pretty please get mean, get ready to stun the world this Thursday night, and beat these 49ers.

Pretty please, do it.

Hugs, and go Hawks!

Curtis Eastwood


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