Seahawks Beating The Chiefs Would Be Awesome!

This guy needs to be great in this one

As things stand for the Seattle Seahawks and their playoff hopes, they are in a bit of a pickle, to say the least. By analytic models, they presently stand about a thirty percent chance of making the post season, and those numbers will drop considerably if they lose at Kansas City this Saturday.

My guess is that there are probably many Seahawk fans who won’t be that disappointed. After all, Seattle wasn’t expected to be as competitive as they’ve been this year in the eyes of many, and some will argue that losing more games now means higher draft picks in the Spring, and that is ultimately better for the club in the long run.

I get that sentiment, but I can’t get fully behind that. I believe that finishing a season strong is always best for any franchise.

In 2011, the Seattle Seahawks had a losing record but they finished strong enough to make many believe that they were a few pieces away from being a contender in 2012, and that proved true. In 2021, the Seattle Mariners had a magical month of September and narrowly missed the playoffs, but the whole town could see that they were going to be a playoff team in 2022.

I think it would be awesome for these 2022 Seahawks to finish their season in a similar way, especially after a recent lackluster five game stretch of going 1-4 after getting to 6-3 by midseason. In my mind, winning out would mean that there are more answers on this team moving forward than there are questions, and 2023 means that they are just maybe a couple pieces away from being a true contender again.

So, for these very reasons, I think beating the Chiefs on the road, in what is likely the toughest environment in sports this Saturday would be awesome for these Seahawks to achieve. It will not be easy in anyway, shape, or form, and if they can pull it off, this would be the signature win for their season, without question.

Can they do it?

In simple terms, yes, I believe they can, but they most likely need a perfect game. Smart money would not bet on that, as Vegas has the Chiefs as ten point favorites.

To win, Seattle will need to turn the corner on defense with perhaps their starting middle linebacker out, and maybe starting strong safety, as well. Offensively, they will need a stellar game from their pro bowl quarterback Geno Smith, and he will be without Tyler Lockett for the first time this season. They will also need to be able to slow down a pass rush that features Chris Jones on the inside, and Frank Clark and Carlos Dunlap on the perimeters. They will also need to take care of the ball in frigid conditions of 10 degrees freezing.

If they do these things, they can stun the football world and beat these Chiefs, absolutely. A key factor in doing this is most likely going to be finding a ground game with a potentially gimpy running back situation. As I weigh that into this complex equation of victory, I find it almost comical how much is against Seattle in this one.

They are battered and struggling, their defensive scheme has not come together particularly well, their offense has fallen off, and they are traveling to a place where really good teams struggle to find wins, and they have to face the best quarterback on the planet in Patrick Mahomes on a ridiculously freezing day of football. Food poisoning would be the likely other shoe to drop in this one.

So, yeah, I’m not going to predict a win for Seattle in this one. If I had to pick a final score, my guess would be 35-24 win by the Chiefs where Geno Smith probably puts up respectable enough numbers again, but the defense does enough keystone cops routines to give the Chiefs an easy win.

But I hope I’m wrong. I really, really super duper hope that.

As a Twelve, what would possibly be a more enjoyable Christmas present than Seattle finding a way to pull off this win?

An fully electric Ford F-150 in 1980’s Seahawk colors would be the only other thing I can personally think of, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not getting that.

So, please, Seattle Seahawks.. pretty please prove me wrong in this one. Go get this win in Kansas City this Saturday.

Go Hawks!


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