Seahawks Strike A Fair Deal With Geno Smith And I Drink Tears Of Those Who Hate It

I am giving you fair warning. I’m about to get a bit ranty through these following passages, but I hope you stick along. If a few F bombs slip out, well, just know that I could give two F bombs whether that offends.

The Seattle Seahawks signed Geno Smith to a three year $105 with $52 Million, and it was absolutely the right fucking thing to do for this franchise moving forward, if you want to see them win football games. He knows this scheme, runs it well, and the players absolutely love him here. Geno Smith is ADORED in the locker room of the Seattle Seahawks, and he’s a leader of this team. Of course he should come back.

“Can Geno Smith win you a Super Bowl?”

Honestly, that has been the single dumbest fucking question constantly to asked on Seattle sports radio airways over the past fucking month, and with this signing, I can only hope it gets asked less, and motherfucking less over time. Yeah, honestly, I hope that can be more laid to rest.

That said, of course he can win a Super Bowl with a good defense, if his 2022 play sustains over the next three years, and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should think that it can’t. I have asked people to list their reasons why he cannot do that, and their answers have come up generally as a bunch pretty lame ass nonsense.

“It’s an intuition I have about him.”

What intuition is that?

“He doesn’t have an it-factor.”

What is your ideal it-factor?

“He’s 32 years old.”

Ah, you’re agist, and you want a rookie starter. Got it.

These are the types of exchanges I have had with folks, and I don’t necessarily mean to make fun of anyone, but I have yet to see a detailed explanation as to how it is impossible for Seattle to win a Super Bowl with Geno Smith as their starting quarterback. Keep Geno and draft heavily on the defense for fuck sakes. Add another key vet like they did with Uchenna Nwuso last year.

Really, though, it’s pointless getting caught up in debates about Geno Smith with folks. I think most Seahawk fans dig the dude (at least in my wide circle), but those who don’t really do not have any single belief in him, even though he put up historic pass numbers last year for the club, and guided this team into the playoffs (a feat to which very, very few thought he would do when the season started).

Sure, these people can point to all the quarterbacks over they years who have had one decent season and then quickly faded away. Cool, I get it. I’m not exactly a Spring chicken to the sport, and I can easily add to their lists of examples.

I can also point to Rich Gannon, and Steve Young who sucked turds as starters when they were young, but had eventual second chances, became late bloomers, and had nice sustained careers in their thirties. I can also point to Jeff Garcia, and Kurt Warner getting late chances. I can even point to the fact that Matt Hasselbeck almost fizzled out of Seattle, was benched for over a year, and only got a second chance because of an injury to Trent Dilfer. Fortunately, for him and Seattle, Matt made the most of his second chance.

People are going to see whatever they want with the uniqueness of this Geno Smith situation. For me, I really dig his potential to remain a quality starter in Seattle for a while.

The truth of the matter is that Geno Smith doesn’t tackle ball carriers, or block for them, he doesn’t sack quarterbacks, or cover tight ends, and he doesn’t catch. Geno Smith quarterbacks in a system that he seems to know pretty well, is pretty accurate in it, and seems like a pretty good fit for how it is supposed to run.

With this signing, Seattle can now focus their off-season on shoring up the defense so that their front seven is formidable over the next three season. Believe me, that is going to now be their MAJOR focus for the rest of this off-season between free agency, possible trades, and the draft.

Coming out of the this recent NFL combine, it appears as though this draft class is deep at edge rusher, cornerbacks, and defensive tackle. All areas on the Seattle’s defense where they need to add more.

If there is an early run on quarterbacks, as it is expected to be, Seattle could be in line to take one of Will Anderson, Jalen Carter (yes, I’m aware of his sketchy reckless driving), and Tyree Wilson (assuming that he’s a freaky athletic tester at his upcoming pro day). Any one of these guys could be an immediate jolt of energy to their front seven, and could become cornerstone players. At pick twenty, they could add an explosive linebacker, or a run stuffing force of nature at defensive tackle like Michigan’s Mazi Smith. They could also go corner to create a dynamic bookend duo with Tariq Woolen.

There is a path moving forward where Seattle does build back a dominant defense again while paying Geno Smith, but here’s another real beauty of signing Geno as they enter this draft; because of the nature of this contract, if there is, in fact, a quarterback that Seattle really loves sitting there at five, they could take him, and not feel any need to throw him into the fire right away.

If they love Anthony Richardson (as reports suggest that they do), and he is there at five, Seattle with Geno Smith is probably the most ideal landing spot for the raw yet tremendously talented quarterback. He can redshirt 2023, and learn how to become a quality NFL quarterback, and they could open up competition in 2024, or 2025.

The full details of his deal won’t be revealed for a few days probably, but my guess is that it is designed to give Seattle a way to move off of the deal in a couples seasons, if they so chose. This is what smart teams do. This is the way to handle the unique situation with Geno Smith. They approach it from the perspective that they love the dude like a quality pro bowl starter, and are willing to go down this road with him, but also keep the possibility of developing a talented young quarterback behind him, if they can.

So let’s be very real about all of this. Geno Smith was never going to make $25 million APY with the season that he just came off of, breaking franchise passing records in his first year as a full time starter for this club, guiding Seattle to the playoffs, getting voted into the pro bowl, and earning an MVP vote (something to which Russell Wilson has NEVER EARNED). The Seahawks were supposed to be an ass team in 2022, perhaps the worst team in the league, and Geno Smith carried them to the playoffs as a top ten performing quarterback in the league. He was due this contract, and if Seattle wasn’t going to pay, another team would have, abso-fucking-lutely.

There is absolutely no middle class at all for starting quarterbacks in this league. Good veteran ones who have made pro bowls and led teams to winning records get PAID A LOT OF MONEY, and guys who are on cheap rookie contracts are working their asses of to eventually get PAID A LOT OF MONEY. If they league was truly interested in setting a middle class up for veterans with lesser talents than Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, they would. Plain and simple.

Geno Smith is being paid the fair market money that he has earned, and the truth of the matter is that football contracts are not baseball contracts, and the initial sticker price is usually not the actual price. Let’s be really clear about that.

So, let’s stop this garbage debate as to whether or not Geno Smith can take this team to a motherfucking Super Bowl. Obviously, Seattle thinks he can, otherwise they would not have made this motherfucking deal, and if people want to point to John Schneider about how well he scouts and assesses quarterbacks in terms of the draft (as many love to point out these days), then perhaps they should trust that John Schneider believes Geno Smith is pretty fucking good in this league.

At the very least, John likely believes that Geno Smith is good enough to lead them to a Super Bowl in this coming three year window should they not find a quarterback that they love enough to take this year, or next. That is ultimately what this deal is.

They know they can win with Geno Smith now. Geno has proven that to them, otherwise, this deal would not have gotten done.

Yes, Geno definitely provides them a three year window to find the next young franchise quarterback on a rookie deal, most likely. Maybe that guy falls to them in this draft this year, maybe it’s next year with Caleb Williams, Michael Penix Junior, or Drake Maye, or some other dude in 2025.

Maybe, also, if you can fathom this idea, Geno just gets better and better over the next few seasons. Then maybe in 2025, they believe he’s too good to move away from, and they sign him to another three year extension.

Did you mind just explode as you read that? God, I kinda hope it did. I can go on.

Maybe, just maaaaaybeeeee we are at the earliest stages of a fucking fantastically glorious era of Seahawk football where they win titles with Geno Smith as their MVP quarterback. That would be pretty cool, and maybe in that, every single year he says that he’s still not writing back to all the dumb asses who continued to talk shit about him, year in and year out, as if he was the same punk 22 year old who threw a bunch of interceptions for the Jets over a decade ago.

Because that’s what I think the real issue is with some people who continue to have hang ups about him. They cannot fathom, in their minds, for one fucking second, that his 2022 season wasn’t anything more than fluky. They cannot fathom that he’s a legitimate franchise quarterback who is here to stay.

“How come he’s been a backup for the past seven seasons if he’s really that good?”

Well, I don’t know. Maybe because the New York Jets are an extremely shitty organization that’s gives up on young quarterbacks too soon, and they kinda fucked him over. Maybe there was a nasty stigma that followed Geno with front offices, and maybe there’s a little inherent fucking racism involved in white cultured front offices with that nasty little stigma. Maybe Seattle, with Pete Carroll who is willing to take chances on players that others aren’t, was the perfect place for him to finally land, and get rooted with.

All, I know is this. I really enjoyed watching Geno Smith quarterback last year for my favorite team. Yes, his first eleven games were better than his last six (MVP worthy, in fact), but I am not in the least worried about his drop off in performance back in December. His offensive line was battered, the defense was wet turds against the run, and there was a struggling run game. I think he gutted through it fine. I see a guy who is a good quarterback who can get better in this system, and a better Geno Smith sounds really, really good to me.

If you doubt that, fine. Doubt away. Be pissed off about this deal.

If you hate this deal, I drink your tears of rage and sadness. Beat chest, cry to the heavens for Pete and John to be fired if you want, but I think this was the right move for the Seattle Seahawks to make on many levels. The players love him, the coaches and front office believes in him, and if they were to pick up a young quarterback with a high pick this year, or next, I think Geno Smith is the perfect quarterback for that dude to learn from.

Geno Smith is a really cool fucking story, and if you cannot get behind that, then I do not think you understand the culture of this team, nor do you really care. Sad. I hope you at least like puppies, though, or kittens.

For me, I think this news is awesome. I’m excited for this off-season, I stoked about this draft, and I’m thrilled that Geno Smith is staying as my quarterback.

Go Hawks.

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