Twenty Reasons Why the 2019 Seattle Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs. Reason 4; Tyler Lockett

The 2019 Seattle Seahawks are a playoff team. I think they can win the NFC West Division, and I think they might be a Super Bowl contender. Why the boldness of my claims? Because they got ballers, guys that can flat out ball, and this guy is one of them.

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett.


Why is Tyler Lockett a baller?

Because he is a football player, and as legendary Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Chuck Knox used to say, “football players make football plays.” Well, Tyler Lockett has a knack for making the spectacular football play. Whether it is elevating his 5-10 180 pound up in the air to snag a deep pass down the sideline against tight coverage, or running with the ball on a jet sweep play, or taking a punt return 60 yards for a score, Tyler Lockett is fully capable of making a big football play in numerous ways, and with no more Doug Baldwin on the team, expect this guy to be even more of a focus.

Some people worry that with no Baldwin, Lockett’s play might drop off. It’s quite understandable, but I am not really one of them. For one, he has an incredible connection with quarterback Russell Wilson (an insanely perfect 158.3 passing rating in 2018 when Wilson threw to him), he knows how to improvise with him when needed, and vibes with him personality wise. Seattle will further scheme him open. In fact, I would expect Lockett to pick up much of Baldwin’s slot duties, as that was kind of viewed as his natural position coming out of college. Another thing is that, with the presence of DK Metcalf on the field, defenses are most likely going to have to be concerned with his unique blend of size and speed, and this, ideally, is probably going to further open up opportunities for Lockett underneath to play catch and run.

But let’s talk about Lockett the player. This dude is a baller, and was a rare immediate impact player for the team as a rookie in 2015.  He has never not been a factor for this team as both a returner and receiver, and has been an all purpose yards leader in the NFL for a few years now. He can play outside and in, all three receivers spots. There is nothing to not like about his overall game.

In fact, like a lot of other past Seattle receivers, if he was playing in a bigger market, he would probably be talked about a whole heck of lot more. Truth. Last year, the NFL pundits were talking about how Seattle had Doug Baldwin, and nobody else. This year they will surely talk about how they have Lockett and nobody else. It’s a vicious cycle inflicted on the team and Twelves, but screw them. We love our pedestrian receivers because they are ballers.

Someday maybe folks that cover the league will wake up and finally realize that, despite being a team that loves to run the ball, Seattle consistently produces quality receivers. They just do, and Tyler Lockett is their latest greatest, and I suspect that 2019 might be the year he finally gets to the Pro Bowl as one, and not a returner like he has in years past.

Tyler is a baller. He’s a football player. He makes football plays, and I think we are going to see a lot of them this year. A lot. I can not wait.

Go Hawks.


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