Twenty Reasons Why the 2019 Seattle Seahawks Will Make the Playoffs: Reason 3; Jarran Reed

The 2019 Seattle Seahawks are a playoff team that are going to physically make other teams pay for playing them four quarters of the american football. Ouchy. While other teams will flash with their wide open passing attacks, Seattle will pound you, and they bruise you both sides of the ball, and this guy is going to be a big time leader in that.

Defensive tackle Jarran Reed


Why is Jarran Reed going to be a big time bruiser in Seattle?

Yeah, I’ve been waiting patiently to write about this one. Mm. You bet.

Because, at his very best, that’s what’s Jarran Reed do, Boss. Coming out of Alabama in 2016, local Seattle NFL draft guru Rob Rang labeled Reed the best pure defensive tackle in a defensive tackle heavy draft. He was thought to be a potential top 15 pick in that class, but ultimately fell to Seattle in the mid second round due to the lack of pass rushing stats for the national champs. Well, last year Big Number 90 collected 10.5 sacks and erased any doubts if he can be a pass rusher in this league. Clearly, the dude is a pass rusher, a run stopper, and clearly, this boy gonna to get paid.

My hope is that Seattle will pony up and keep him in the 206 for at least another four years because defensive tackles that can pass rush and stop the run are really difficult commodities to find, and by all accounts Reed looks like a new core leader on this team. Plus, for the way Pete Carroll gushes about this guy, it seems like there is a whole lot of better football ahead of him, and he’s just getting started. Clearly, the team will want to retain him, but I also think it is important to keep in mind that last year at this time, they were probably looking to sincerely extend pass rushing defensive end Frank Clark as well, and we know how that worked out.

So, because of how things went down with the team and Clark, I’m not sure how this will work out with Reed on an extension, but there is one thing I can be absolutely certain on; if this team does not reach an extension with this guy during training camp, he is going to roll into the 2019 playing with his hair on fire, and that will not be a good thing for guards, centers, running back, and quarterbacks. That potential reality is the one reason why I believe that management might choose to hold off on extending him prior to the regular season. That is not to say they don’t reach a deal in December, though, or after the reason.

If no deal is reached, and he has the year that I expect him to have, I would certainly expect the team to franchise tag him just like they did Clark. My only hope in that is that the franchise tag will eventually lead to an extension, and not a trade because like I previously stated, defensive tackles that are pass rushers and run stoppers are really rare in this league, and they are just too valuable to part ways with, in my opinion.

I love Jarran Reed. I love defensive tackles. My personal favorite position by far. They’re the Marines, the Devil Dogs, the Dothraki, the guys you send in first that establish your whole defense.  You can never have enough of qaulity defensive tackles on your team, especially if your defense is any variation of a 4-3, and with this guy, Seattle has a player who is probably going to be a special one for a long time. Personally, I say pay the man.

Love Jarran. Love his attitude. I love the fact he is a tackling machine inside, wants to put a little extra pepper in his tackling sauce, and he’s relentless. Last season, he grew into my favorite player not named Russell Wilson. The only thing I wanted for Christmas was a Jarran Reed jersey, and I can’t wait to sport it around this Fall.

I think Pete Carroll loves this guy to, and I suspect he will remain in Seattle a long time making offensive guards’ lives miserable on Sundays in the Fall. That’s just my hopeful hunch.

He’s all ball, he’s pure defensive tackle, and outside of Russell Wilson, and Bobby Wagner, he is absolutely the one guy on this team that I do not let get away if I am running the show. Nope, I’m keeping him around.

He is going to be a fun player to watch this year. I can not wait.

Go Hawks.




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