Thoughts on Jarran Reed’s Six Game Suspension Issued Today

Well, as an old acting professor of mine used to say, “you can’t teach timing.” On the day that I blogged Jarran Reed as my third most important player on the team, the league issues this suspension for player misconduct during a 2017 incident that alleged assault to which Reed was never arrested or charged. I feel weird.

Obviously, as a Seattle Seahawks fan, this sucks, but I don’t think this is in any way the end to their season. For one, this guy is only out six games, and will play in ten, barring injury. Secondly, this is a team that still has Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, and they have some interesting young talent on the defensive line that must step forward. Defensive tackle Poona Ford was in a good position to start before the suspension. He is in a great position now. I like the future of this guy.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the loss of Reed’s inside pass rush. I think Seattle has interesting young candidates in LJ Collier and Rasheem Green who are now going to get a lot of looks at pass rushing tackle. What I think is concerning is the lack of early down run stopping help there. Don’t be surprised if the team add a veteran free agent or even trades for a player. Corey Liuget is veteran still available and can provide both run stopping and pass rush inside.

I think now we might know why the team has been a bit on the slow side extending Reed. I’m sure they were waiting to see how the league was going to decide. I don’t know how this suspension helps or hurts his chances of reaching a new deal with Seattle. It might have made him more affordable. Or they simply might choose to go in an altogether different direction. We shall see.

I think the league has a serious issue with how it suspends players not charged with a crime. They are wildly inconsistent. How the league chose to not suspend Kansas City receiver Tyreek Hill for alleged DV of a child and ends up suspending Reed of an alleged assault on an adult women is beyond me. They might have good reasons in both cases, but the secrecy involved leaves a bad taste in the mouth of fans and is becoming a massive turn off. In my opinion, the league must fix this. Just have a policy and make it consistent across the board.

Go Hawks.




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