Pleased To Present New “Dorks On Sports” Podcast

Hey Faithful 12th Life Readers,

It’s Curtis Eastwood here. As author of this blog, I am delighted to share with you all another passion project that I just started with a small group of friends.

As, some of you might be aware, outside of being a gigantic Seahawks fan, I have been a working actor and a member of the Seattle theater community for the better part of three decades. In this wonderful diverse community of artists, I have rubbed elbows with creative types who also happen to be big dorks on sports, such as myself.

It’s a very unique bond that we share. Not only are we of the shared mindset to pursue a creative field that offers zero job security and forces us to balance part time to full time jobs with four to five hours of rehearsals five days a week all for the sake of doing a play that maybe thirty people will see on a Thursday night (if we are lucky), we also happen to be very passionate about the NFL, NBA, and MLB – all leagues made up of multi millionaire players and billionaire ownership groups.

We share an ironic paradigm. We are people who have been willing to somewhat forgo the conventional material world for the pursuit of the ancient art form of performing a story live in front of an audience, and yet we love our immensely corporate and very conventional professional sports teams.

Essentially, we are a unique breed within a unique breed. As one might imagine, not all the theater artist is a diehard sports fan. That said, I could also safely assert that not all the diehard sports fan is also a theater dork.

This is what Dorks On Sports is born out of. It’s a weekly podcast that will be available on the internet in video form on YouTude, and audio forms from various streaming services like Spotify and PodBean. You can follow us on those cites, and I will likely post episodes on here as well.

My co-hosts are Daniel Wood, Amelia Meckler Bowers, and Allanah Raas-Bergquist. Daniel is a very funny and entertaining Seattle actor who I gravitate to very easily. Amelia is a sharp theater actress and director, specializing in Shakespeare, who I have admired for years. Allanah is one of the best stage managers I’ve ever worked with, and as you will see with each podcast episode, has a very intuitive mind when it comes to talking sports. I’m just happy to be along for the ride with these people.

What our podcast hopes to offer you is lighthearted, entertaining, and insightful takes on our beloved Seattle sports teams. In each episode, you can also expect us to drift into the topics of pop culture, and other happenings, we will always leave time for that.

Here’s our very first episode. I hadn’t yet set up my special little podcast mic yet, so I will apologize beforehand for any extra tint coming out of me, but fortunately, I only do a fraction of the talking. These people are so talented, I could honestly stand to talk less in future episodes, to be honest.

Hope you enjoy, and if you do, please share with others.

Go Hawks!


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