Remember The Oilers: A Seahawks Vs Titans Preview

When Moon Was King

Nobody likes to see their favorite sports franchise ripped from their market, and moved hundreds to thousands of miles away.

If you, as a Seahawks fan, are searching for reasons to despise the Tennessee Titans as they come to town this week, I call upon you to remember the Houston Oilers.

And if you are much too young to do that, I say to you “remember the Seattle SuperSonics.”

Through the 1980’s into the 1990’s, the Houston Oilers were a darling team in the NFL. They had the original Beastmode running back in Earl Campbell, and after his tires ran out, they plucked former Washington Husky bomber Warren Moon from the Canadian Football League, and made him the first promiment African American quarterback in the league. The offense than they ran with Moon, own as the Run And Shoot, quickly became the most Must See TV offense in the league.

As a team, they broke a significant glass ceiling for black quarterbacks, and they ushered in a new style of passing offense. They also played fierce on defense with an intimidating 4-3 style that dominated by rushing with four down linemen. Viewing them from afar, it was very hard not to admire that team.

Then by the mid 1990’s, their owner, in a battle with local government over funds for a new stadium, pulled the team out of Houston, moved them to Tennessee, and they eventually became the Titans. It was a dick move that I am sure all Seattle SuperSonic fans understand all too well.

If you are going to the stadium this Sunday to welcome your beloved Seattle Seahawks back into town after their nifty road win against the Colts, scream your f’ing head off against these Titans all game long. Remember the Oilers. Remember the Seattle SuperSonicis

These dreadful Titans will be coming in looking to right their ship after an embarrassing home loss against the Cardinals, and we need to do everything we can to bury them deep into the turf at Lumen Field, and have them return home shaking quaking shadows of themselves. This is our mission, if we choose to accept it.

Seahawks win this game by..

Staying aggressive with Russell Wilson in their newfound Shane Waldron offense. It was a nice outing against a good Colt defense for this offense, and there is little reason why they can’t do it again at home against these Titan defenders that had problems with Kyler Murray. Waldron needs to keep calling an offensive style that suits what Russ does best, getting on the move, going up tempo, going play action, getting the Titan defenders on their heels with the run and pass, and using Russ’s abilities to do both himself, if need be. Continue to be aggressive and dictating as an offense.

Taking care of the football and take the ball away from Tennessee. Russ needs to continue being decisive with the football and take whatever the Titan D is giving up. There’s no need to force whatever isn’t there. Chris Carson and company need to stay secure with the football in his hands. Seahawk defenders probably need to force some turnovers.

Not letting Derrick Henry get going. Heading into Seattle, the Titans are probably going to refocus their offensive attack towards getting the ball into superstar running back Derrick Henry’s hands more than the 17 carries he had against Arizona. If Seattle continues to only carry three true defensive tackles on their roster, I would test that run defense more. Seattle needs to stay strong and disciplined up front, and they need to be rock star tacklers to make Henry’s day a long one.

Get up with the scoring early and unleash the dogs up front. Seattle looks like they might have a deep bag of riches at edge rusher. Rasheem Green looks like he finally found his home used more as an edge rusher. Carlos Dunlap and Benson Mayowa appear to be in mid season veteran form. My goodness, do second year edge rushers Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson ever look dynamic. If Seattle can force Tennessee to win with Ryan Tannehill going against this pass rush most of the game, with sixty plus thousand jacked up screaming Twelves, Seattle should be in good shape to get another W.

Seahawks lose this one by..

Loosing the line of scrimmage battle. Second year starting guard Damien Lewis didn’t practice on Thursday, and suddenly listed with a groin injury. Reserve tackle/guard JaMarco Jones didn’t practice and is listed with a knee injury. One time starting center Ethan Pocic as been placed on Injured reverse. Suddenly, Seattle’s interior portion of their offensive line feels more worrisome, and Tennessee has a talented young defensive tackle in Jeffery Simmons to contend with. Also, as noted above, Seattle is only carrying three true defensive tackles on it roster, and that feels uncomfortably thin for a club that still spends a lot of time working out of a 4-3. If I am to be honest, these things concern me.

Stumbling on offense and not getting their balanced style going well enough. Seattle needs to avoid the prat fall of thinking they are suddenly the greatest show on turf with this Waldron offense and come into this game thinking that they got it in the bag. Tennessee is a proud veteran team that has made the playoffs two years in a row. As a unit, Seattle’s offense needs to play with poise. They must limit the false starts and illegal formations that get them in long situations on downs, and they have to take care of the ball in the rain.

Not stopping Derek Henry on the ground will put Seattle’s defense in a bind. Tennessee has top end talent at receiver and if Tennessee is able to run with authority, Ryan Tannehill’s job will get very easy at Lumen Field in front of a disappointed crowd of Twelves. This could force Russell Wilson to win a shoot out in the rain where, statistically, he can struggle, at times.


The Seattle home crowd will walk out of Lumen Field happy in this one. The Seahawks avenge the Houston Oilers and Seattle SuperSonics by beating the Tennessee Titans 34-27.

I expect more scoring in this one for both clubs. Tennessee, in my opinion, has more talent on offense than the Colts do, but their defense isn’t as strong. This smells of a greater offensive output for both clubs.

Seattle will continue its campaign of rolling out the sleek new Shane Waldron offense, even if they have to roll without Damien Lewis at left guard. I see Chris Carson having a big game with the run and pass. I see Russell throwing multiple touchdowns once again, and maybe even taking one in himself. I think a decisive quick passing game will help mitigate any potential troubles up front. I see a very pretty deep ball being tossed and caught down field eventually because, frankly, Tennessee doesn’t appear to be a great pass rushing or coverage team yet (just as they weren’t last year, either).

I think the Seahawk defense might come back to Earth a bit more in this match. I really like the speed Seattle plays with in its front seven these days, and I believe that’s going to help with against Henry, but I see Tannehill finding more success through the air than Wentz did last Sunday. Seattle’s corners and safeties will be tested more, but in the the end, I see Seattle’s pass rush continuing to make a major impact down the stretch.

I can easily see the final seconds of the game ending on Rasheem Green busting through the offensive line for a sack/fumble on Tannehill, to which Poona Ford collects, and then the games expires with a Russell Wilson kneel down. It just has that sorta feel to me.

We shall see.

Go Hawks!


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