Winter Is Upon Us And So Is The Fall Of Troy: A Seahawks Vs 49ers Review

Beware of any Greeks offering gifts

Dear Seattle Seahawk Fan,

You have read the San Fransisco 49er injury reports and I know what you’re thinking. With Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner out with injuries for this Sunday’s donnybrook, you are thinking this gives your struggling Seahawks a chance to sweep this club, and finally start getting things right for Russell Wilson and the offense.

There’s an old saying that dates back to the Trojan War. Beware of any Greeks offering gifts.

Brace yourself for what is about to be unleashed upon your eyes this Sunday. The resurgent and blood thirsting San Francisco 49ers are coming into Seattle to make sacrificial lambs out of the busted up Seattle Seahawks, and the outcome isn’t likely to be pretty.

You might likely rolling your eyes at what you assume to be hyperbole that you are reading. I get it, I feel like I’ve been a Cassandra about these Seahawks for much of this season, but the truths as I see them to be with this team do not lie, and therefor, neither do I.

This Seattle team is a hot garbage mess right now, and are in position to get their butts kicked by a superior San Francisco club that hates them with the same bloody fervor that the ancient Greek soldiers hated each and every being that lived behind the fabled Walls of Troy. If you are unaware of that Bronze Age bit of history, things didn’t go particularly well for the folks of Troy once the Greeks got inside the city, and opened up the gates.

To quickly recount, as legend would have it, virtually every male Trojan, from infant to geezer, was slaughtered, and thrown off the walls. Their wailing wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters were beaten, savaged, and forced into slavery.

It’s not too extreme in my mind, that these 49ers are coming into town with similar intentions of inflicting brutal pain and humiliation on Russell Wilson and company right in front of six thousand home town fans. For years, these Seahawks have been the kryptonite that has been around their necks, bleeding into their skin.

They have one emotional connection to Seattle. They hate them a trillion times more than I hate mayonnaise, and mayo makes me vomit.

Now is their opportunity to send Pete Carroll, who hasn’t been able to solve the puzzles of what has been plaguing his team, into retirement. It’s also the time to destroy any remaining will of Russell Wilson wanting to remain in Seattle.

They know the opportunity that is starring right in front of them. They are one good beat down performance away from ending a profound era of football in Seattle, and forcing this struggling team into a massive rebuild. This is what is likely at stake for them.

So, I’m predicting that these hot blooded 49ers will decisively win this game, 35-13, and the final score won’t reflect the accuracy of how humiliating this beat down will be. I wish I could see it differently, but I can’t.

I think this idea of an improved Seattle’s defense is absolutely fool’s gold. I think they are playing a style of defense that is fully committed to a bend don’t break approach that can hold a marginal offense down in the box score points, and that can seem fine to the eyes of many, but I see them differently.

They aren’t a good pass rush squad, and against a good offense, like San Francisco has, they are apt to keep that type of offense in third and short situations for easy conversions, just like what happened against career backup quarterback Colt McCoy when he led the Cardinals into town a couple weeks back.

When I look at this style of defense for the Seahawks and the absolute mess of an offense that they have right now, I just want to look away and pretend that the awfulness isn’t there. There is no way for Seattle to play connected football between what the offense and defense are in their present states.

A bend but don’t break defense only works for you if your own offense can sustain drives and score points. Seattle’s offense can’t do this right now, and given how bad they are up front with the offensive line, and how scary good San Francisco is up front with their defensive line, this has the makings of a blood bath to happen.

How desperate is the situation for Seattle’s offense right now?

Well, they just signed 80 year old Adrian Peterson in a desperate attempt for Pete Carroll to get back to what he knows best by getting back to the run game. And while I admire Carroll’s conviction of circling back to what he knows best on offense, I feel compelled to say “good luck with that” and just watch the Beatles doc Get Back on Disney+ this Sunday afternoon instead of this forty mile a hour car collision into a concrete wall of a game that is all but certain to happen.

But alas, I will watch this disaster, instead. I have been with this club as a fan, through all the good times and bad, from the early 1980’s on. I will be that Trojan Princess Cassandra watching from the safety of my television set, shouting each and every miserable play, “I told y’all so!”

I’m just writing this to you as a fan to let you know that it’s okay not to get your hopes up that Seattle is somehow going to stick it to the 49ers once again in this one. You can choose to watch, like I will, but I hear that Beatles doc is very good, and I’m genuinely excited to watch it. I won’t blame you if you decide to do it instead of dial into this game. There is no judging here at 12th Life whenever someone doesn’t want to smell the rotten milk container sitting in the fridge.

At least we got the Texans next week.

Go Hawks

PS; I should note that it is entirely possible I’m completely wrong on all of this, and the Seahawks manage to win this game, and sweep San Francisco because, you know, Seattle absolutely owns this bitch ass team.

Go Hawks!


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